Malaysia Property : Hong Kong Investors Turn to Malaysian Properties Following the Political Turmoil

Hong Kong Homebuyers have turned their interest to Malaysian property and private international school since the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong on 9 June. The cause of the protest was due to the now-abandoned extradition bill, which planned to extradite alleged criminals to China for trial. This has stirred the anger of pro-democracy citizen into violence on the streets, public transport, and in the airport.

Malaysia has since become one of the investment destinations that Hong Kong investors are keen to invest in. They feel that culturally, they are comfortable with our environment and that our property is of decent value. Moreover, the language is also not a barrier to investors from Hong Kong as we can speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

Hong Kong investors also like our country for its education amenities and facilities. A private international school offering Australia education said that they have noticed a rise in inquiries for its intake which starts in January 2020.

Another reason why Hong Kong investors turn to Malaysian properties is the attractive quality about Malaysia local food. It is not surprising why many choose Malaysia as an ideal retirement place to stay or invest.

Many Hong Kong homebuyers are buying under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme. A tourist also suggested that a Malaysian purchase is common for their entire family to live in a 500 sqft, considering it a shoebox-sized unit in Hong Kong.

Property developer Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd, which has been organizing “property tourism” trips to Malaysia in the last two to three years, also suggested that there has been “more interest” in its properties starting June 2019.

It was also stated recently that people from Hong Kong are gradually seeking out properties in Singapore. Singapore property developer CapitaLand’s joint-venture residential project with Malaysia’s ParkCity Group in Desa Park City have achieved strong sales during its priority sales launch over the weekend of July 27 and 28.

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