Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Houseplants Today?

Ask any proud plant owners about their collections, and they will feed you with such enthusiasm that you would think they were talking about their children.

Millennials have been so obsessed with houseplants that they would wake up early in the morning and take a 45-minute tour of all the plants even before brushing their teeth. It might seem extreme to most of all, but houseplants owners are just plant enthusiasts who dedicate hours of their time and money to cultivate plant collections in their homes.

So, why are millennials so obsessed with houseplants today?  

1. Social Media Trend

Houseplants became popular, thanks to the visually-driven social media channels. Instagram, in particular, has become a heaven for foliage enthusiasts.

You might think that plant lovers are scares, but when you scroll through Instagram’s browse feature every day, you will stumble upon new plant lovers and several others for a month or two. Soon, you will start to realize that these plant owners aren’t just on the Internet, but they are real people and they can be a pretty big plant community.

In Los Angeles, there is a community that organizes the LA swap where plant lovers connect themselves with other plant lovers to share their collections as well as to leverage the expertise of people with more experience and share notes. Especially when social media is so powerful today, millennials can easily find these types of communities around them and connect themselves with like-minded people.

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2. More than Just a Fad

Though the plant craze might seem like a passing social media fad, millennials today can maintain a long-lasting love affair with plants. As millennials are delaying their major life milestones such as purchasing their own homes or getting married, they are more focus on increasing their desired lifestyle while enjoying the freedom of being single as the cost of living is higher than ever.

Young people are waiting until later in life to settle down and have kids. More and more millennials are turning to plants because plants require less attention but still provide the same opportunity to nurture something. Plants also provide a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when a little bit of water can turn a seed into something else.

3. No Landlord Restriction

Not to mention, plant owners don’t have to worry that landlords would restrict them to grow any plants in the house. Often than not, landlords and management offices have strict rules about having pets on the property.

Houseplants also have a lot to do with self-care and wellness movements. When it comes to boutique wellness to fitness classes, millennials are big spenders. They would fully embrace the mental and physical health benefits offered by plants.

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Some plant owners enjoy having plants at home because they encourage them to slow down and be patient in life. Millennials are always keeping up with the latest trend and living in a fast pace world when having a home plant can help them appreciate the little details in life and it is also a form of therapy.

Keeping plants around the house or office also allows us to bring nature into our lives when it can be hard for us to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Staring at our phone screen and the computer screen can not only damage our eyesight but will also develop side effects in the near future.

4. A Like-Minded Community

Perhaps the most convincing advantage of plant collecting is the incredibly supportive community that exists behind the scenes. When you no longer feel needed in life or you started to hate your life, you shun away from people and refrain from going out. This can lead to depression and anxiety and thus it is always advisable to join a like-minded community that you would feel comfortable being around.

When Naomi, 37 years old counselor lost her job, she felt awful and miserable. One day, she stumbles upon a florist shop and bought a flower to comfort herself. She then began to accumulate more plants and finally connect with other plant collectors through Instagram. Soon, her Instagram feed was filled with plants and after a year of posting her plants on social media, she accumulated 30,000 followers.  

Some people make new friends by having this hobby and start to forget about the miserable life they had before. Besides plant swaps, plant enthusiasts can also attend shows or workshops throughout the year and meet hundreds of people in one location. This community is dubbed the “Coachella for plants”.

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In conclusion, the millennial obsession with houseplants is a healthy hobby. Not only does it encourage nurturing, patience and self-care, but it also promotes community in a world where people can feel otherwise isolated.

Even if one day you get rid of all your plants, you would still have all these cool friends that you have made! There is a supportive corner of Instagram that you have finally found.

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