What is Coliving Like? 5 Coliving Spaces In Malaysia

We’ve all heard of coworking spaces as the trend continues to grow but there’s a new term similar to coworking and is starting to take shape in Malaysia – Coliving. In short, coliving is all about a modern housing option that allows residents an opportunity to not only share their living space, but also share similar intentions, values, and interests as well as supporting individuality. As the millennials love to call it: collaboration. It’s about sharing rather than consumption, and collaboration rather than competition.

According to, coliving is all about community, but it also supports individuality. The concept is already present and very active in other parts of the world thanks to multi-billion startups such as Shanghai-based Harbour and San Francisco-based OpenDoor dominating their local markets. Even co-working giant WeWork has begun to delve into this space with its subsidiary WeLive. One of their catchphrases? Sharing overconsumption, and collaboration rather than competition.

The More The Merrier

Companionship is crucial to every human being. Researches revealed that lonely millennials are twice as likely to experience depression or anxiety. Being part of a community will be able to fight depression or other mental illnesses caused by isolation.

Malaysia has yet to fully see coliving take off as there isn’t any dominant player yet in the market. However, we’ve recently seen a few pop-ups, and as with new concepts, quite a few spaces claim to be the first ones in Malaysia. In this article, we take a look at some of the coliving space in the market, their prices, and what they have to offer.

1. Co-Coon Co-Living KL – City Living Made Easy

Located at Damai Residence in Kuala Lumpur, Co-Coon is a new hybrid accommodation concept that connects you with like-minded people and sharing each other’s passion. It has shared spaces that were created throughout the building that accommodates both “Work” and “Play” needs. The space claims to be the first co-living concept for early career professionals, students, urban millennials and Gen Z’ers. Adapting to your lifestyle, they offer flexible rental contracts along with a “one bill pays all” concept.

The space is not a hotel or a hostel. Instead, Co-Coon is an accommodation where multiple people live together and are also the ideal platform for you to mingle and meet new friends, creating a community that will be able to provide physical and mental support to each other.

Co-Coon has the typical facilities of a coliving space such as meeting rooms, communal lounges and shared kitchens but with the addition of a sky deck at the top floor which has facilities such as BBQ and yoga/ meditation deck. Co-Coon Hub @ Level 19 is the main communal area which is split into Co-Live and Co-Work. Throughout the building, you will find several lounges and corners where your friends.

Out of the 12 types of rooms, the cheapest room starts from RM800 per month with a minimum lease of 3 months. This includes all bills, community events, and use of all facilities.

2. JL Co-Living – Joy of Living

JL Co-Living is now situated in USJ 21, Subang Jaya and The Mines. According to their website, the space was founded by Jessica Lee in 2018 after visited many accommodations mainly in London, New York, Beijing, and Hong Kong, she realized there is a lack of community living and security in Malaysia. She realized that there was a major lack of communication between housemates; people were becoming more isolated, and safety was a major concern.

The space has the facilities of a backpacker hostel such as shared bathrooms but with amenities of a coworking space like meeting rooms, mailbox, reading area, coffee machine, kitchen, cinema, and hot desks.

As their website doesn’t display the room rates or accepts bookings, you can email them to enquire about the price list.

3. LVE Space

Coliving is new in Malaysia so there is room for the market to expand. LVE Space community enjoys meeting new people and learning from each other. They organize talks and discussions based on what the community would like to hear. From time to time they will also organize outdoor activities like excursions to nearby places of interest or arrange meals in nearby restaurants.

LVE Space feels strongly about being a blessing to the larger community around us so they will bring collaboration opportunities to the space. Freelancers and professionals, typically between 25 to 35-year-olds are welcome.

The space is fully furnished with all the basic amenities included. It is cozy with generous room sizes. The place houses between 7 to 11 people so it’s fairly exclusive and private. There is space for guests to lounge, hosts talks and work. There is also a 60” TV which is ideal for presentations and watching movies.

4. The Bed KLCC

Located in the heart of KLCC at Vortex KLCC, Jalan Sultan Ismail, The Bed KLCC is more known for being a capsule hotel rather than a coliving space. It was born in 2017 and its ideology is to provide a clean, comfortable, and affordable place to stay at the KL Golden Triangle.

According to RojakDaily, The Bed KLCC is Malaysia’s first-ever interactive coliving accommodation that offers a luxury capsule hotel experience fit for all.


3 minutes walk to Bukit Nanas Monorail Station
5 minutes walk to Dang Wangi LRT Station
Free GOKL Shuttle bus stop just in front of the hotel

Although they consider themselves as a co-living space, their facilities are more hostel-like at the moment; there are no hotdesks but just common areas to work at.

The Bed KLCC’s specialty is actually their capsule rooms, but they also have private rooms for families or friends to stay in. Their prices range from the cheapest one from RM55 to RM170 per night.

5. The Hatchery Place

The Hatchery Place is a cozy in-home co-working + co-living + co-learning space with an unpretentious personal style that welcomes all conscious creative nomads as well as local location-independent creatives.

Unlike most of the coliving spaces mentioned in this article, this space is located in a home.  terrace house located at a quiet residential area in suburb USJ Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Kevin (UI/UX designer turned woodworker) and Elaine (software consultant turned full-time artist) were both corporate quitters and growth-oriented creative souls who started The Hatchery Place in February 2016, at first to escape the cubicle world to build their passion careers, but now the space has evolved into an inspiring little community where traveling creatives share and exchange their skills, cultures, and experiences with the locals.

The rates for monthly hot desks specifically for coworking are RM320 and residents can also go for the coliving + coworking package that ranges from RM385-RM490 a month.

The space provides all basic facilities from washing machines to pantry areas (like a normal home) and offers occasional meetups and workshop events. There’s also a resident cat called Ginger. They also host small art & craft events, workshops, meetup nights, healing circles, food and drink tastings, talks, poetry nights and more. Regular activities include drum circles, painting workshops, gardening workshops, woodworking workshops, creative meetups, and more. Coffee/tea/cold drinks and snacks are sold at the mini snack bar.

If the trend continues to pick up locally, we might even see giant co-living companies from overseas setting up shop in Malaysia. Since WeWork has recently expanded in Malaysia, they are possible candidates, with both the reputation and the venture capital money to roll out more co-living spaces in short amounts of time.

It should be noted that coliving is more than just physical spaces being set up. Some co-living groups don’t have permanent venues. Instead, they are nomadic, moving from place to place, but keeping the “coliving” aspect intact by living, and often working, together.

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