Malaysia Kitchen Storage: Why You Should Store Plates in Kitchen Drawers Instead of Cabinets

The idea of putting away clean dishes into the cabinets makes your lower backache could be a sign for you to rethink your kitchen storage. Design experts are opting to skip the upper-level kitchen cabinets to a deep, pull-out kitchen drawer due to many backache problems.

Keeping away clean dishes to your kitchen drawer is more ergonomic because it keeps everything at the waist level instead of high up cabinets. Putting items below the counter is great for aging in place too.

Most people hate reaching up with a stack of heavy plates. It can be difficult to stack them one by one at a time too. Furthermore, to make clean-up less of a chore, dish drawers must be placed as close as possible to the dishwasher so that you don’t have to constantly walk back and forth across the kitchen with piles of bowls and plates.

Having a kitchen drawer is not just for achy adults, but they also make it easier for kids to bring out the bowls and pour out cereal for themselves. Getting a DIY kitchen drawer is no longer expensive if you purchase them from IKEA. They have various types and colors of kitchen drawers to choose from!

6 Stretching Positions to Reduce Your Backache Problems:

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