Moving with Pets: 6 Crucial Guidelines for Moving You’re your Pets

Moving is stressful and tiring. Your dog knows this and your cat really, really knows this.

1. Set Up a Room for Your Pet

Lovers of familiar spaces and the territorial, a cat’s home turf is literally everything to them. When you move a cat to a new home, you may notice some fearful behavior like hiding, being more vocal, or acting more needy than usual.

To solve this, we suggest setting up a “safe room” for your cat during the first few hours, days, or even weeks in the home. This should be a relatively small, enclosed space with all their necessary and favorite items. In addition to your cat’s litter box, food, and water, put their bedding, scratching post, and favorite toys in there.

Once your cat is back to his normal routine, you can let him explore the rest of your home.

2. Consider a Pet sitter on Moving Day

If you’re moving locally, consider hiring a pet sitter for kitty or having your pup stay with a friend for the day or overnight. Strangers in your home taking your stuff can be confusing and stressful to pets. Not to mention your hands will be full on moving day. With the door open all day it’s also an easy opportunity for a pet to escape too.

It will be easier for your pet to adjust once everything is already moved and you’re in a calmer state.

3. Unpack Your Pets’ Belongings First

Set up your pets’ areas first before unpacking the rest of your belongings. It allows them to start getting settled in as soon as possible. Make sure there are unwashed items, like an old T-shirt of yours or bedding for your dog that smells like home.

Also, as your dog becomes acquainted to the new environment, carry his most-prized treats can change the association of the new stimuli.

4. Pet Proof Your New Place

Give your new house a thorough inspection. If you have a small garden, check every inch of it, being on the lookout for places your pets could escape from.

5. Explore the Neighborhood with Your Dog

Get to know the new neighborhood with your pup. Remember, they hear much more than you do and they may never have heard the sounds of a basketball court or an early morning market noise.

Also, meet your neighbors as soon as possible so your pet knows who is allowed on their block and who is the “stranger danger”.

If you’re moving into an apartment, dogs can be a little more vocal and sensitive during the first few days. Hearing new sounds in a new environment can easily set off even the calmest dog. Otherwise, leave a phone number in case your pup is barking too much during that transition, she suggests.

6. Carry On The Old Routines

When it comes to moving with pets, it’s a “handle with care” type of situation as they adjust to their new surroundings. The best thing you can do is to introduce the same routines that you had in your old house. If they are stressed during the initial move and are unwilling to eat, hand feed a few pieces of dry food, then offer the rest in a bowl.

Bring your dog’s same bed and other items with familiar smells to your new home. Regular walks can be critical to familiarize your dog with the new neighborhood and also to keep your dog from urine-marking in the new home.

Visit their favorite places during the first few weeks. Go to the park and make it an enjoyable experience coming home to the new house.

Also, be sure to show your dog where his food and water bowls are located, as well as where he can find his favorite toys. Don’t assume your pet will let you know when he’s ready for a potty break. The stress of a new location may cause him to act differently. For this reason, regular walks are important.

Because we have pets ourselves, we know from our hearts just what your animals mean to your family. And how much you worry about them. We believe that, when you have all the facts plus useful insider tips from us, you will feel confident instead of worried. Peace of mind is priceless in any event, most especially when it comes to your furry friend’s safety and comfort. 

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