Malaysian Home Garden Ideas: Home Garden Ideas to Spruce up Your Space

Small garden design has been the most mutual and practical approach among urban residential properties in Malaysia. Although it is challenging to design your home garden with the limited spaces, but as a property owner, you should use all available space including the balcony and outdoors since you have paid a price for every square inch and corner of the house.

Nothing is better than a functional, stylish home garden greeting and making your visitors envy as they enter your house. You want to decorate the exterior of your house to make them more appealing but have no idea how to start creating your dream green space? Fret not, we have some basic tips for everyone who wish to start designing an epic-looking garden for Malaysia’s climate.

1. Growing The Right Grass

In Malaysia, some of the suitable grass that you can grow include cow grass, Japanese carpet grass, Philippine carpet grass, and pearl grass. It is fairly cheaper and easier to maintain cow grass and pearl grass as they are both resilient. On the other hand, Philippine carpet grass is pricier compared to the rest and it requires more upkeep. However, this grass is also softer and look comparatively luxurious.

2. Minimalist Japanese Home Garden

If you are too busy to take care a large garden, you may want to opt for the minimalist garden idea such as this Japanese Home Garden. A mini Japanese garden is good for your home because it looks pretty calm ad tranquil while enhancing the beauty of the house.

You can also place some plants and rocks to create a Zen garden look for your garden. Place some sand and gravel to create patterns that look like water ripples. The Zen garden requires little maintenance and they cost you a little to help you calm down during the moments of anxiety and stress.

3. Plant a Tree

Growing and flowering plant typically involves more work but it is a fantastic way to spend time and cultivating as a hobby. If you have bigger space to work on, consider planting a tree like Tamalan Tree that grows well in our climate. The Tecoma Tree is also another great type of tree which is an attractive addition with its Sakura-like blossoms.

4. Seating Arrangements

Don’t waste the piece of your garden by creating the perfect outdoor dining area or just for chit chat to entertain your visitors. Carve out a space for garden furniture and place seating arrangements to admire your hard work. You may go for wooden benches, swings, cushioned gliders, or even a lounges area for a relaxing tea time. A relaxing bench with coffee table together with decorated lightings on a wooden floor will give you positive and joyful vibes.

Bonus Tip: A simple tips for a small garden is to go vertical as much as you can.

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