Malaysia Students: 7 Dorm Room Basics Every College Student Needs to Survive

When you finally graduated from high school and you are about to enter college, your dorm room is everything you have. It is your survival place – your kitchen, your dining area, your bedroom, your dressing area, your gym room, your study space, and your everything. This means that there is a lot of gear to pack into your small dorm.

Before you head off to school on the first day, check out what dorm room necessities you need with this essential checklist below:

1. Alarm Clock

If you are the type of student that your phone alarm does not have the power to wake you up on time, get a traditional alarm clock instead. You can tuck underneath your mattress. It will surely shake you awake, just like Mom used to do so.

2. Plastic Drawers

Plastic drawers come in handy. They are extremely light, portable, clean, and it keeps the clutter tucked away. Well, chances are, you can fit them somewhere in your dorm room, even if it’s under your bed because it is just about the right size for a small dorm.

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3. Laundry Hamper

Laundry hamper helps to keep your dorm room tidy. All you have to do is just to stuff everything in a hamper. Make sure you have sturdy rope handles that’ll let you carry a ton of laundries to the washing machines up and down.

4. Shower Caddy

Dorm toilets can be a little narrow sometimes. All you need is this mesh caddy that is big enough to take everything you need to and from the shower room. It can also be folded down flat when you are not using it to save space.

5. Desk Lamp

A college student needs a desk lamp or desk lamps. There are particularly useful for you when you need to burn the midnight oil. Perfect for studying in the wee hours, this lamp comes with a bonus feature: a built-in USB port for charging your phone. However, please do not use your phone while you are studying.

6. Desktop Fan

You are probably not going to have air-conditioning in your dorm room. Most dorms are cheap, thus air-conditioning might not come along in the facilities. A desktop fan can also double as a quiet white-noise machine.

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7. Bulletin Task Board

As a college student, keep yourself organized at all times and remind yourself about upcoming exams and projects by leaving messages on your bulletin task board. You can also write down anything on the board for your roommates to read once they reached home. Lastly, tack up some photos from home to keep you accompanied. All you need is a little bit of wall space in your room.

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