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Malaysia Property : Can Smart Home Increase Your Home’s Resale Value?

Today’s homebuyers expect a little more.

If you are about to sell your house, just focus on increasing your house value. There are a lot of ways to add value to your home such as installing smart home devices that can add thousands of dollars to your home value.

Generally, smart homes are cool! For many people, smart home technology can impress your friends and family, most importantly, it can also impress prospective homebuyers. Imagine how people would react with something as simple as a wireless speaker system or a smart lighting setup at home.

Moreover, there are different expectations among buyers that homes should have smart devices depending on which area you lived in. It is as simple as you wouldn’t buy a home without an Internet connection, a smart security system, or running water. Having these devices might not add value to your home, but not having them could decrease its value.

Lastly, setting up a complete smart home experience is not only expensive, but it is also very time-consuming. Therefore, a ready-made smart home will be more appeal to most homebuyers.

Pros of Installing Smart Home Devices for Resale

Ultimately, smart homes make life easier! If you’re looking for something to distinguish your home with other home sellers without burning your wallet, smart home devices are a great way to stage your home.

1. Smart Home Tech Saves Money

While it may be expensive to install, smart home technology can prevent catastrophic damage that would easily cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a leak detector can alert homeowners if the basement is leaking before it turns into a full-on flood. Smart smoke alarms, meanwhile, can alert them to fire when they’re out of the house, again averting disaster.

2. Smart Homes Are More Beautiful

A smart home has the potential to dramatically improve a home’s aesthetic. The use of smart TV and Wi-Fi ceiling speakers can eliminate any unsightly wires. Your home will look clean and seamless with smart home technologies.

The fact that smart home technology makes your home a lot more fun and functional, it is actually creating more value-added. When it comes to selling your home, you can have an abundance of effective selling points. Discuss with your buyer how smart home tech can make their life easier. Homes with automated systems have the potential to sell better compare to homes with conventional technologies.

Cons of Installing Smart Home Devices for Resale

1. Some People Are Technology Illiterate

Smart home devices can also work against you. For example, your interested buyer might be technologically illiterate or have no interest in using tech to perform mundane tasks like turning on lights and arming an alarm.

2. If Your Smart Home Devices Are Outdated

Problems could also arise if the owner-to-be has better smart home devices than you. If their devices are of higher quality, they could see your devices as “cheap” or “outdated” gadgets around the home. This might also be a turn-off.

3. Smart Devices Might Not Be Compatible

Finally, the new owner moved in but he or she might not have the right devices to use your gadgets. For instance, if you’ve installed proprietary hardware that can only be accessed through an iOS app, the new owner might not be able to access Android. This will create complication and there will be difficulties.

4. Smart Home Can Be Insecure

If someone does have a concern about smart home tech, it is definitely about the data-privacy issue. If a potential buyer doesn’t have these products at their home, they might not be familiar with the products and are afraid that it will going to be too complicated to figure out. Ultimately, we have to educate our buyers.

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