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Malaysia Interior Designs: Bringing the Industrial Revolution Unconventional Decoration Right at Your Home

For those who are fans of grungy an underground look, industrial furniture is the trend that is picking up recently. A raw, quirky, machine-like interior with screws and metals on display, exposed or painted brick walls, wood shelving, and solidly practical materials like plumbing pipe have found a special place in several designer catalogs and developer’s choice.

Industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes examples from old factories that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces.

This trend began with many cafes and restaurants renovating their interiors into a look of an underground or an under-construction building-look. This could also be a perfect fit for modern-day homes just like yours!

1. Low-lying Bed

A low-lying bed made of basic wood can be a perfect fit for a home that is designed with a mucky look. Place the bed at the center of the room, and add a lamp of the same theme and place it on the headwall.

Likewise, make sure that you don’t add too many articles of furniture to the room as this will help maintain the underground feel and look. It will also let the bed stand out among others.

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2. Metal Chairs

Chairs from the industrial furniture catalog will be more of a metal look and less of a wood or plastic look. These chairs can be painted in rainbow colors of its own choice and they only use minimal space. However, to keep the rawness intact, an unfinished touch of paint can be tried. Visible screws may also add to the look and feel.

3. Metal Stool

Metal stools can be added with a leather top and look as if they have been brought right from an industrial site. The unfinished paint, especially in the color of black or brown, gives the stool a rustic look. It is suitable to be placed near the tabletop if you have an open kitchen.

4. Wooden Table

A raw wood table is a perfect table for an industrial look. You may also place interesting vintage items such as an old table clock, some old books, or a Polaroid camera to add a nostalgic feel to the display. To customize these tables further, you could also add casters (wheels) for easy movement.

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5. Industrial Light Fixtures

Lamps complete the entire look of your underground-themed home. Use pendant lamps, pipe lamps, standing lamps or wall scones made out of cast iron to enhance the old-world charm. Moreover, to give the grungy feel, use yellow bulbs to light up the atmosphere.

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