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Malaysia Home Parenting : 6 Brilliant Ways to Make Sure Your Nursery Is Safe and Sound

Decorating the nursery is exciting, especially if you’re a first-time parent. While safety is always the top priority in every nursery, there are still many little things that are often overlooked during the planning process. Whether you have a new-born, toddler, or even young children at home, these tips will help you make your nursery become safe, sound, and stylish.

1. Changing Table Choice

Babies can wiggle out of it and fall when you’re not looking. Change your table if it is easy to tip and check if the open shelving poses a potential safety hazard, especially with baskets of powders and ointments within the baby’s reach.

Because of the tipping hazards with furniture in nurseries and children’s bedrooms, it is recommended to use furniture wall straps to secure the dresser to the wall. Another easy safety fix is attaching the changing pad to the wall.

While there are no official recommendations against using a changing table, be sure to consider the pros and cons of an official changing table before purchasing one. Lastly, keep one hand on your baby at all times.

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2. Choose a Soft Floor Covering

Choosing the right rug’s texture is important as the rug will likely become a play area for your children one day. Wool is actually extremely durable and cleans easily. Choosing a lower pile will up the cleanability factor. You can also scatter a few sheepskins to make for an even softer surface.

3. Corral Your Cords

While window treatments are great for blocking sunlight directly shine on your baby, the cords on the blinds in the nursery can be risky for small children. Opted for cordless blinds or install an inexpensive cord cleat. The cleat is easy to install with just a couple of screws and allows extra cord length to be tied up securely.

4. Pinch-Free Storage

An adorable toy trunk seems like a nursery staple but they can also crush tiny, unsuspecting fingers. A curious, climbing baby can easily scale a dresser and have the entire thing fall over on him, trapping him or causing serious injury.

A safer solution is to attach your furniture securely to the wall with wall straps to reduce the potential for injuries.

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5. Ditch Dangerous Doors

Bifold doors gave the closet privacy, but they also had the potential to pinch tiny fingers. A quick fix to it is to remove the doors and adding simple, flowing curtain panels from an interior-mounted rod.

To keep curious toddlers from climbing the shelves and to avoid possible dangers, opt for a system that allows you to move low shelves higher once the baby is mobile.

6. Light Your Nursery for Night

A baby may be wide awake and screaming at 3 a.m., but chances are, you’ll be exhausted and hoping to soothe your little one back to sleep soon without having to turn on the light.

Go got soft lighting on a dimmer to avoid jarring both you and your baby. In addition to an overhead light on a dimmer, add at least one table or floor lamp for additional ambient light at night.

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