Malaysia Home Living : Living Alone For the First Time Will Teach You More About Yourself

I strongly believe in the idea of living alone at least once in your lifetime. Not only it will be a fun and unforgettable experience for most people, most importantly, you will also learn a lot about yourself. Living alone might sound lonely at times, but trust me, you will grow so much that you wouldn’t believe yourself. It makes you a stronger person and who knows, you might even enjoy your own accompany along the way.

If you have ever lived alone, you will be able to relate to these 6 situations of living alone.

1. Your Natural Sleep Schedule

With no partner tossing and turning every night beside you and no roommates stomping around either very early or very late at night, living alone offers a great opening to examine and notice your own sleeping habits.

You might be shocked to realize that you’ve been falsely thought that you’re a night owl that was the result of having roommates that kept you up late. Knowing what your body naturally desires in the total amount of sleep might help you get back on the track at being your most productive level. Living alone also allows you to have more control over your sleeping environment, which could help you shape your sleep schedule.

2. You Can Party Harder and Also Regret it More

With no one to vigil or judge, you coming home at 3 am three nights in a row, you can party as hard as you wish with no shady side-eyes cast in your direction. However, dealing with the hangover all by yourself can be miserable, though.

3. How Much Trash You Make

When you live with other people, it is tough to gauge how much you are contributing to the weekly trash bag. You may not realize how much you are contributing to the trash bag but living by yourself can be a great way to see just how much trash you have to take out to the curb or dumpster every week. This is also a good way to reduce the amount of trash you produce weekly.

4. The Size of Bugs You Can Handle

Calling your dad when it comes to chasing away bugs in your house won’t work anymore if you are staying alone. It’s on you to protect yourself from that spider, lizards, or cockroach. This forces you to be braver and stronger to get rid of the bugs at home and cry in the shower after.

5. You Have a Better Relationship with Your Friends and Family

Living alone gives you the time to focus on what matters the most to you. So, you often realize how significant your friends and family truly are when you spend most of your time alone at home.

You will cherish them even more and to continue the relationships you must make a conscious effort to spend time with your friends and family. In short, it means that you will appreciate and value their company even more.

6. You Have a Better Understanding of Your Own Abilities

You won’t learn how to walk until you fall. Living alone has its share of troubling experiences but it builds up your character and prepares you for any adversity you may face in life.

Living in a solitary environment allows you to learn more about yourself like your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, behaviors, and desires. This helps you to become more self-aware and introspective, and it also forces you to be mature and grow as a person. These skills will improve your life and possibly even the lives of others around you.

So anyone who hasn’t experienced living alone, try it now! No matter how intimidating it may seem, it’ll give you more than what you can imagine.

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