Malaysia Home Living : Crazy Hacks to Create a Cosy House You Never Want to Leave

Malaysia is hot and humid throughout the year with its tropical climate. When it is hot outside, we just want to stay at home and snug inside the blanket under the air conditioner. But once it gets chilly, you want your house to feel warm and cozy. Having a home that is inviting create new memories, new experience, feel pampered, and makes your guests linger longer and never want to leave. Our homes should be a place of togetherness, even when life gets hectic and busy. Luckily, we have gotten you crazy tips that will help you craft a home that feels extra cozy without shelling out a ton.

1. Upgrade your curtains

Those translucent panels will keep your home flooded with natural sunlight but it just won’t cut in when the sun is too strong. In order to keep your home feeling warm and cozy, it is time to switch into a heavier fabric. Thick drapes compliment deep tones and add physical and psychological warmth to any room.

2. Swap in snuggly throw pillows

When we grow older, we realized how important it is to spend time at home either watching Netflix or deliver food to our doorstep because we need our alone time once in a while. Face it, at some point in time, we want to curl up with a cup of tea, a good book, and some throw pillows. Furry throw pillows have this magic spell that instantly softens up a room.

Pillows are the foundation of a cozy room. Toss a few throw pillows on your couch to rest your head when a Netflix binge turns into a Netflix nap. Overstuffed floor pillows also allow extra seats for guests. In addition to pillows, layer different textures to contribute your ultimate lazy day.

3. Bring home some green friends

Bringing home a few easy-to-care plants such as succulents can add vibrancy and coziness to your home. One study also recommended that having indoor plants can help reduce our psychological stress by bringing life into space. Decorate plants along stairways, around chandeliers, outside the balcony, and on banisters really helps make your house a little cozier. Go overboard with long, green fluffy plants to make your room feels like the kind of place you want to spend your whole afternoon at.

4. Toss a throw blanket on your sofa

Curling under a cozy blanket is nothing short of heavenly. Switch up your cozy blankets and soft throw pillows with fabrics like wool, fleece, fur, and flannel over your seating and beds. A faux-fur throw look incredibly luxurious whether it is placed on the back of a chair or draped over the arm of a sofa. Moreover, throws can provide a room with added texture and color to give your space some extra style when needed. Tips: You can change them out anytime you feel like it.

5. Invest in warm-colored lightbulbs

While it is cold and gloomy outside, make your house feel warm and cozy inside. Have you entered into a café and feel a warm atmosphere? Observe their lightning. Experts often talk about the power of lightning in creating cozy warm spaces. Simply switch on warm-colored lights with table lamps or floor lamp close to your sofa or candelabras on a console table. They are flattering and elegant in the middle of the night. Some tips include never use recessed or ceiling lights and invest in desk, wall or floor lamp. Utilize a dimmer switch and save the bright white bulbs for morning. A warm-toned LED light and a cozy candle-lit will keep you accompanied all night long.  

6. Put down some area rugs

Rugs are a great way to add texture, color, and warmth underfoot. You don’t want to step out of your bed onto a freezing cold floor in the morning. If you are on a budget, consider layering smaller rugs next to bed, or under the coffee table. Try layering rugs in different shapes, materials, and patterns for an extra comfy look.

7. Keep slippers handy

Keeping yourself cozy before keeping your home cozy. It is a no-no to chilly feet at home. Keep a pair of slipper next to your main or by your main entrance to help you stay cozy and warm at all time. You will be comfortable from the moment you get home from work.

8. Bring in some candlelight

Combine lights with candles to warm up space. Simply group candles on a coffee table to add ambiance to a room. Candles are a plus as they freshen up the room and create the ultimate mood setter. They are not only available for pennies, but they provide simple elegance and make your home smells good.

Bonus Tips: Use eco-friendly candles and don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the room.

9. Bring outdoor nature inside

Just because you are spending your days inside your house, doesn’t mean you have to forgo all reminders of the natural world outside. Many of the homes that are cozy and relaxing are inspired by the elements of nature in their décor. Wood, stones, twigs, and minerals in rich colors have a very warm feel. The Japanese interiors are usually minimalist with a mixture of stone, water, plants, and artificial materials. This helps create a nice contrast and offers the zen-vibe that immediately makes you feel more mindful and calmer.

10. Scent the air with some essential oils

Making your home cozier isn’t all about aesthetics. You may try diffusing some essential oil or adding them into your existing cleaning product to give a scent of smell. There are many different smells in the market from vanilla to cinnamon to lavender or cloves. They can make any space seem festive in no time.

11. Put your memories on display

This won’t make your space warmer, but it will definitely make your heart full of warm memories as you get home. Decorate the walls with your family photos or hang holiday cards you received on the wall to make the space feels a little warmer.

Coziness is not only for the physical space but also for the spiritual space. It is essential to take time off from your work to recharge our batteries, have some me time, pamper ourselves, focus on our hobbies, and just take a break from day-to-day!

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