Malaysia Home Living : 9 Things You Only Do When You Are Home Alone

Home alone time is a precious commodity to most of us. With your roommate, kids, parents, or partner out of town, you suddenly find yourself in your house or apartment with nothing but the sweet sound of silence.

Whether you share your house with your family members, a partner, or housemates, there is always a certain ground rule that we are expected to behave. When we find ourselves blissfully home alone, all we want to do is to take advantage of it and be who we really are. These are the times we can completely be our weird selves and make or break all the house rules as we please.

  1. Walk Around Naked: If you grew up in a non-naked family, this is at the top of most people’s lists. While this is not common in Asia, being able to walk around your house naked can be pretty cool.
  2. Play Music Really Loud: Cut through the silence with a power ballad or your latest favorite music. The singing and dancing is of course, optional but encouraged when you are home alone. Dance and sing like nobody’s business
  3. Take a Nap: With no one to interrupt you, this is the time to squeeze inside your cozy bed and feel free to drool on your pillow.
  4. Absolutely Nothing: Sometimes, all we do is stare at the walls, ponder on your weight or twirl your hair with your finger without realizing it.
  5. Cook the Food Everyone Else Hates: Is your roommate vegan? It is the best time to cook your favorite big steak while he’s out of town.
  6. Call Your Friend: Call your best buddy and get caught up on all the latest gossip about your friends, or have a heart-to-heart conversation to put on a smile on your face.
  7. Leave the Bathroom Door Open: Why does this feel so great? Pee with the door open and let your cat sit on your lap because sometimes it’s better than peeing alone.
  8. Talk to Yourself or Your Pets: Feel free to use whatever voice or accent comes naturally to you when you talk to yourself or your pets. Talking to yourself can be a signal of cleverness.
  9. Take Selfie: Take at least 100 selfies without anyone giving you that annoying look on their faces.

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