Malaysia Home Living: 10 Designer-Approved Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive But Aren’t

In an ideal world, everybody wants to have their home look luxurious and sophisticated. Fortunately, you don’t have to burn the wallet to make it look luxurious anymore because we have collected the 10 designer-approved ways to make your home look posh.

The secret here is all about the details. Try decorating your grand entrance with some plants and faking custom designs to bridge the gap. Oh, and don’t be afraid to pick up some paintbrushes and create your own masterpiece for your house. Here are a few ways for making your home look like a million bucks.

1. Invest in art

The easiest way is to get creative and create your own art piece. You can DIY your family photos and framed it with a nice finishing to make it look luxurious. An attention-grabbing piece of art can not only spark conversation with your guests but imbue your living space with an instant luxe feel. Experts agreed that the best art piece has a personal significance to it. However, if you are not good at DIY yourself, head over to an art supply store or a second-hand shop and get the art of your choice.

2. Accent Your Bathroom

Any bathroom will look exponentially better if well-furnished with some chic accessories. Get a pair of scones, flanking your bathroom mirror to look not only make the vanity area look luxurious, but it will also make you look better! You can also change the wall design with different color tiles to give it a distinctive flavour.

3. Create a layered lighting concept

Lighting is one of the most important concepts in a space. Ditch the cheap ceiling fixture and attach a variety of light sources to add depth to the room. Replacing it with a small chandelier, pendant, or any stylish hanging light to go glam on lighting. Another cheap trick without you shelling out a ton is to try plug-in scones. Adding dimmer switches can also make a room feel expensive. In addition to that, installing warm LED strip lighting around a mirror and on top of your bookshelf will add dimension to the space.

4. Invest in throw blankets and pillows

This is one of the easiest ways to dress up your house with no big budget! Get them at your nearest furniture store during the sales period. If you are crafty, you could also sew them yourself. To make your space feel more luxurious, get a thick, oversize throw blanket made from fuzzy wool, velvet, or even faux fur and stick with solid and simple color.

Quick Tip: You shouldn’t over styled your bed by placing the sleeping pillows and decorative pillows more than a quarter of the total bed length.   

5. Roll out a large rug

Opt for a less expensive large rug to make your room feels bigger and airier. Not only does rug brings everything together, but it also offers great texture and a grounded, earthly feel. The larger the rug, the more luxurious it will look.

6. Add decorative molding

Decorative molding is one of the economical ways to compensate your room a high-end look without spending big bucks. For the most elegant look, add a simple and single-shape molding and paint the molding to match your wall. Another way to make your ordinary room look expensive is to add crown moldings to it.

7. Fool the eyes with curtains

Adding sheer curtains help soften the light that comes in and make your room both cozy and expensive. Many luxurious homes have high ceilings. Fake a little more space by hanging your drapery and hardware close to the ceiling and never directly above the window frame.

8. Add visual space with a mirror or two

One trick that designers use to trick a buyer’s eyes into thinking a space is larger and glamour is to place a mirror on the wall. Large mirrors can reflect the room back, making it twice the actual size and are perfect for small spaces. Selecting a mirror with unique furnishing will go a long way towards high style luxury room.

9. Keep your home clean

This tip is not an accessory but it is the most important step when it comes to looking luxe. Looking luxe mean less is always more. A dirty and cluttered room never look expensive or attractive no matter how much you spend on furnishings. So get rid of things that are unnecessary such as paperwork, unused equipment, dirty clothes, piles of extension cords, or a stack of books on the floor. Having a clean home is also better for your mental and physical stress.

10. Go Green

Fresh flowers and plants are a must in the expensive bedroom and living room. They can instantly lift the mood of a room and help purify the air. Get the prettiest and inexpensive treasure – vase, and fill it with a fragrant bouquet of cut flowers full and lush. A big bouquet of flower on a coffee table adds instant class and make the final leap to luxury. With this method, you can minimize the dent in your wallet while increasing the impact on your home.

Now, you don’t have to make drastic changes for your home to look and feel like a luxury resort anymore!

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