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Malaysia Home Deco : 6 Alternatives Christmas Trees Ideas for Christmas Celebration!

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is looking to decorate their house to welcome this joyful festival. Every year, we will never fail to buy a traditional Christmas tree and set it up ourselves. This year, let’s give it a try and choose some alternative Christmas tree to decorate instead!

As they say, “Discovering new and creative ways to do the same old thing”. There are several reasons for turning to an alternative Christmas tree instead of putting up a faux tree. It can not only be eco-friendly by saving a live tree from being cut down or using recycled materials to create something unique. Besides, no watering is necessary. Minimalists will love these trees because they save space, time, and most importantly – money.

But the top reason for crafting an alternative tree is to exercise creativity! It is refreshing to see people who think outside the box and create a never-before-seen tradition of their own.

1. Branches and Fairy Lights Tree

A Christmas tree hung on the wall is an amazing space saver! You’ll be free from constantly bumping into a tree set up in the middle of a room. This wall tree is made up of natural tree branches, fairy lights, and whimsical ornaments in a soft color palette. Pieces of twine bring it all together, creating a one-piece wall hanging.

2. A Stack of Books Tree

This tree is tailor-made for all those literature lovers out there. If you have an extensive collection of vintage books, stack some of them in varying sizes to make a tree shape. Place them on top of a galvanized metal bucket to give it a base and finish with a string of fairy lights and a star.

3. A Dress Form Tree

A metal dress form is reimagined as a Christmas tree. To complete it, decorate it with white string lights and a marquee-style star. Whether it’s a vintage find or purchase from Taobao, a dress form is certainly an unexpected Christmas tree, making for a perfect conversation piece at holiday gatherings.

4. A Photo Collage Tree

Photos can be an almost-effortless modern way to display a Christmas tree. Not only can you display your beloved family photos, a sequence of photos cleverly represents a pine tree from a single photo. The possibilities are endless.

5. A Ladder Tree

The shape of a ladder just lends itself to being decorated as a tree. If you have a ladder, drape it in lights, mini keepsakes, ornaments, and a modern star. A white, fuzzy rug adds to the Scandinavian vibe of the scene.

6. Golden Leaves Tree

Gold is a gorgeous color at any time of year. It doesn’t only show explicitly and high class, but it’s exclusively perfect for the holidays. These tiny trees will sparkle on your coffee table or mantel, giving the room some subtle, chic Christmas decor.

It’s Time for CHRISTMAS!!! 😀

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