Malaysia Home and Living: How to Set Your Table for Any Occasion

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the French, other than how to drink Burgundy wine, it’s that we must never forgo setting a proper table for dining purposes. Even the simplest family meal is graced with linen napkins, proper glassware, and flickering candlelight at the very least.

Fortunately, setting up for a dinner for any occasion should never take more than five minutes, and if you have mastered the process, elevating your setting for a more formal affair will become second nature. 

Ready to set your best dinner table yet? Follow these simple steps to elevate every meal.

Step 1: Place The Dinner Plate on The Center

To avoid an empty-looking place setting, start with a great placemat to bring another layer to your tabletop décor.

Step 2: Place Napkin on The Left-hand Side

Face the fold toward the plate and the hemmed edge toward the diner. Keep a few sets in a kitchen drawer, and throw them in the wash with the rest of your laundry after using them.

Step 3: Utensils Arrangements

The utensils needed for the first courses go on the outermost edges of the setting, the salad or fish fork stay on the outside, and the dinner fork remains on the inside, toward the plates. Characterized by unfussy utensils and pared-down glassware, a casual setting is all about the simplicity of its elements. There is no need to add anything you won’t use on the table.

Step 4: Place Wine Glass above your Dinner Knife

A great-looking plate-and-napkin combination plays host to only essential flatware, a single wineglass, and a water glass. The glasses should be set in counterclockwise order, starting from the outside in. From the right to left, you would place the white wineglass, then the red wineglass, and end with the champagne flute.

Step 5: Viola! The Table is Set!

Now, all the essentials are there. To finish off the look, you can arrange blooms in a vase, throw in a couple of candle holders, and add a wine coaster for your bottle of Burgundy.

Do you have any great table setting tips?

Share them with us in the comments.

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