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IKEA Partnering with Ori Living to Launch Robotic Furniture

Living Large in a Small Footprint

The Swedish furniture maker – IKEA has partnered with American start-up Ori Living to launch Rognan, a shape-shifting furniture system which allows people to create more flexible living areas in compact homes. This robotic furniture is controlled by a touchpad that divides a small room into two living spaces. This system is designed with maximizing space in mind – particularly for people who live in urban areas to maximize their small living spaces and is coming into Hong Kong and Japan in 2020.

ROGNAN is scheduled to launch in 2020

By pressing the buttons, Rognan can transform a living room into a bedroom or walk-in closet which further provide eight square meters (about 86 square feet) of living space. One side might offer seating area while the other contains a tucked-in bed, desk, or a couch. This might not sound appealing to some of you, but it could make all the difference for those who live in a tiny home.

Ikea product developer, Seana Strawn said: “When you sleep, you do not need your sofa. When you use your wardrobe, you do not need your bed.”

Every home-plan is different, so you need a product that is smart enough to make a floor map. The system works through a combination of software, electronics, and mechanics that create a moving bank of furniture. These technologies are found in robotic vacuum cleaners and other household goods. CEO of Ori, Hasier Larrea believed that with 1.5 million people joining the global urban population each year, we will need to adapt to living in smaller spaces in the future, and Rognan will be a piece of essential robotic furniture to achieve this.

The Rognan robotic furniture line-up will be on sales at IKEA stores in 2020. This innovative robotic furniture has been in the news recently pushes the boundaries of what we used to think of furniture. IKEA has yet to announce the price of Rognan, but hopefully, it will be accessible to those who really need it.

An all-in-one solution activated through a simple interface touch pad.

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