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Malaysia Furniture: 10 Local Artisan Furniture Makers Every Malaysian Should Know

As Merdeka is approaching, I am proud to share with you some of our local artisan furniture makes every Malaysian should know when furnishing your home. When you see the products they make, you will be proud of being a Malaysian.

We can’t deny that although IKEA has all the furniture that we need, there comes to a point in life when you don’t want to have the same table and chair that everyone else does. Yet, designer furniture are often too pricey for most of us. Fortunately, there are some local furniture makes in Malaysia who have that sweet balance of being unique and affordable at the same time.

Some of these artisan furniture makers use traditional materials like rattan and wood including the iconic string lounge chairs that our grandparents often took naps in. So whether you are moving into your new house or planning to upgrade your house’s interior with some new furniture, we have you all covered.

1. Bawang Studio

Founded in 2012 by a group of local designers, Bawang Studio provides services such as interior design ideas, architecture, and custom furniture services to customers. The prevailing style of their furniture design is a blend of classic sophistication with a splash of funkiness – accenting wood with metals and cheerful colors. Bawang Studio furniture pieces can transform your home from traditional Scandinavian minimalism to modern chic with minimal effort.

Location: Flexus Signature Suites, Jalan Kuching

2. Fine Grit Studio

Established in October 2014 by two primary school friends, Daniel Salehuddin and Khairul Asyraf, Fine Grit Studio focusses on custom-designed furniture made out of local wood, metal, glass, and any other material that the customers wish to have.

The company name solely emblems its strength and passion for fine craftsmanship. The founders are eager to build and create the finest quality of products that they can offer to achieve customer’s satisfaction. They use long-lasting wood so that your furniture will probably survive longer than your lifetime.

Location: 807G, Jalan Seksyen 1/16, 43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

3. Lain Furniture

Hani Ali, founder of Lain offers a range of unique furniture and interior accents for those who admire simplicity and practicality. Lain creates bespoke furniture that fuses Australian and Malaysian culture and styles. The meaning of “Latin” translates to “Different” or ‘unique’ in Malay, which the founder wants to embody when she designs her furniture. Their pieces are often stunning yet one-off, which means you will never find a second piece of that furniture. We can be proud of Lain Furniture as we see them go from strength to strength, having supplied to Gudang and now to Singapore’s Pomelo Home.

Location: 16, Jalan USJ 1/32, Subang Jaya, 47600 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

4. Kedai Bikin

Kedai Bikin’s most prominent exports are its string chairs, reminiscent of the ones that our grandfather used to have in his home. But beyond the string chair, Kedai Bikin also produces other furniture such as stools, tables, candlesticks, and architectural hardware using materials such as marble, concrete, and rattan. Kedai Bikin’s designs are elegant, refreshing, and would easily fit your style. The owner also used local artisan and craftsmen to ensure that their tradition never dies in the ever-changing modern world.

Location: Ground Floor, 8 Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar

5. Nolin Teh

We respect Nolin Teh as she is a self-taught carpenter and a full-time mother. She graduated with a degree in Hospitality in 2011 but fell in love with carpentry and design. Although she doesn’t have her store yet, she showcases her work via social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Best known for her wooden herringbone trays, as well as her hexagonal stools, and geometrically-interesting coffee tables. She also creates wooden wares that can be a beautiful addition to your home, such as the bathtub trays and pin-legged cabinets.

6. The Rotan Lot

Going back to the basic commonplace item in our childhood households, rotan furniture brings back the nostalgia feeling and the local tradition. The Rottan Lot takes rattan materials and breathes modern life into them, designing all kinds of rotan furniture from butterfly chairs to intricately woven bed headboards and Eames-inspired chairs.

7. Harith Green

Founded by Harith Ridzuan, a seasoned woodworker from Kuala Lumpur, this homegrown company embodies the philosophy of upcycling to reduce dependency on timber. They are dedicated of using cycled wood instead of new timer to promote sustainability.

Harith Green also incorporates reclaimed materials into its design as a greener solution for furniture. They also work with locally-grown bamboo planks for an eco-friendly alternative to timber to tackle the increasing volume of waste products and deforestation activities. It is a perfect alternative for furniture buyers to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Location: Factory in Ampang – best to contact via email

8. Kedai Co

Kedai is an art gallery as well as an open space as an art studio for other artists to collaborate and showcase their prized creations. The studio conducts practical workshops for those with an interest in woodworking and has hosted numerous exhibitions for upcoming local artists.

The two founders – Rizal Sufar and Izat Arif never had any training in carpentry. Their backgrounds are in the advertising industry and fine arts graduate. But with the power of YouTube, they began to learn the basics of woodwork and start creating their custom wood pallet furniture. specializes in pallet wood design, which featured in various cafes, restaurants, and even corporate offices.

9. Raw & Rustic Concept Store

Since the inception in 2013, Raw & Rustic Concept Store have grown from a furniture shop to a dynamic interior design brand, known for their penchant for conceptualizing urban landscapes and architectural spaces. If you are a fan of industrial-looking furniture pieces comprising hardwood and steel, then head over to their store hiding out in Sungai Buloh that looks like a rustic home. They not only sell furniture crafted by experienced local carpenters but also provide interior fittings to your home and shop.

Location: No. 27-29, Jalan TSB 9A, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh

10. Random Bean

Random Bean is commonly known for its rustic pieces fit for elegant weddings. They work with wood and metal elements to create functional items include wedding arches, cake stands, and creative signage. They also cater to other special events with gorgeous custom-made decorations items available for rent. Most of their creations are inspired by pieces you see on Pinterest. While Random Bean doesn’t have an official website yet, you can easily contact them through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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