Balik Kampung: 3 Unique Kampung Staycations Every Malaysians Should Experience

Let’s go back to the basics with these three unique kampong staycations which run by the locals who are passionate about their hometown (kampong). You will get a foretaste into the lives of each colorful community in Malaysia. So, jom, Balik Kampung!

1. Rainforest Retreat – Live in a Tree House

Malaysia is blessed with some of the most untouched tropical rainforests in the world. If you are an adventurer or an outdoor enthusiast, you would love these resorts as they bring you a sense of tranquillity in the heart of Mother Nature.

Enjoy a getaway from the bustling city in this Rainforest Tree House located in Johor with only RM130.20 per person. This getaway will fulfill the fantasy of city dwellers and embrace the peacefulness that nature is giving us. You will relax in the beautiful natural attractions and experience nightlife without internet but guitar strumming. You will also get to experience jungle trekking (treehouse path) and enjoy the spray of the waterfalls on your face.

Things to bring: Water bottle, more clothes, long pants and long shirts (to prevent insects bites), own towel, insect repellent, umbrella (if it rains).

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2. Kuala Sepetang – Discover the Local Customs and Trades

Stay a night and join the getaway with nature and historical charms in Kuala Sepetang, the lively coastal town of Perak, Malaysia.

Kuala Sepetang is a blooming fishing village and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth community of Kuala Sangga, a Chinese fishing community. Steeped in small-town traditions, you will get to enjoy a hands-on experience in learning about charcoal making, joss stick making, meet boat-builders, taste local delights and other fascinating customs you have never experience before.

You will also relax in the beautiful natural attractions of Matang and Taiping, as well as experience activities like eagle feeding, visiting the Mangrove Research Centre and firefly watching. Lastly, end with a satisfying feast with Kuala Sepetang famous curry mee and bun.

With just RM208.80, this 2D1N tour is a blast to experience the local community customs of Kuala Sepetang and have an unforgettable taste of a Malaysian fishing village!

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3. Ethnic Villages – Live like a Bidayuh

Choosing your staycation here can help local Bidayuh tribes gain financial support, improve their living conditions, and preserve their fascinating cultures. Join the 3D2N complete Bidayuh tribe adventure that brings you to the village above the clouds. You will arrive at the Kiding village to experience traditional food, traditional games, music, jungle trekking through the tropical rainforests, and catch the beautiful sunrise at the village lookout point.

Kampung Kiding is an absolute gem located high up in Mount Kiding. Visitors have to trek for two hours to reach the village. Located high up in the mountain, the village is disconnected from the main power grid and has to rely on diesel generators. Kampung Kiding also offers visitors a beyond compare cascading view from the mountain top and it is very chilling throughout the entire day. ​You can find plenty of interesting things here in Kampung Kiding such as big waterfalls, bamboo bridges, and mountain top views.

Traditional games: Blowpiping

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