A Malaysian was Fined RM1,000 for Illegally Installing Iron Grills and Wardrobes in Condo

When you purchased your new house, you can’t wait to get your house renovated so that you can move in quickly. However, before making all the necessary renovations, you might want to make sure that you have the right permit from the authorities before starting to do so.

A netizen in Malaysia recently got slapped with an RM1,000 fine because he did not apply for a permit to install iron grills in his condominium unit. He continued saying that he did not know about this as the management did not give him a warning. One of the owners also said that they did not know that they had to apply for a permit from MPAJ as they had gotten permission from the building’s management before they started.

It is estimated that over 30 households had received the warning letters from MPAJ. The permit application fee cost RM100 and must be accompanied by a letter of approval from the developer, joint management or management committee. It is expected that if you want to renovate the exterior of your condominium unit, you are required to apply for a permit and pay for the application fee.

The MPAJ councilor Chua Yew Choong said that he was aware of the complaint and would discuss this directly with the city council. At this time, only the residents of that condominium unit were affected. He said that this falls under the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) for internal renovations.


Chua also added that MPAJ should have already communicated with the developer and management about the regulation and it was the responsibility of the management to inform the unit’s owners. He said that the RM1,000 fine was unfair to the unit owners as they were not well informed prior to the incident.

It is better to check with your developers and authorities regarding permits like this before starting your renovations and redecoration!

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