A 28-year-old Lady Made $2,400 in 4 Months By Selling Her Old Stuffs Online

As Christmas and New Year are approaching, you need some extra cash to renovate and remodel your house before the guests arrive. Perhaps, you just want to clear the clutter out of your house and make a decent amount of money by selling all of that excess crap.

One day, Dallas Wolford, a 28-year-old lady felt inspired to declutter. “I realized I had all these things I didn’t need,” she tells CNBC. Rather than tossing old clothes, kitchenware, and tech gadgets, she decided to try to sell them without having a high hope of return.

She downloaded the selling app called Mercari and started listing a huge array of things that she can find at home. She listed anything from Nike tennis shoes to Kendra Scott jewelry. After four months with a minimal effort of posting items on the app, she had an extra $2,400 (RM9,935) in her bank account.

Well, if you are also looking for easy ways to make some extra cash before New Year, here are her top tips for selling anything in your closet.

1. Sell the Small Stuff

Wolford’s impressive profit is not all from big-ticket items. She said, “I did sell one laptop, but some of my items are sold for just $10.” Even if you don’t earn thousands as Wolford has, an extra $60 to $100 is still something to cover for the month.

When it comes to little items, people oftentimes think that it’s not worth selling because you don’t earn much. But think of what you could do for your kids for an extra RM50? Or what could you buy for your partner for Valentine’s Day that you couldn’t before?

2. Give Plenty of Detail

Wolford also found out that items are more likely to sell when she includes a description with specific details, like the brand of the item, size, color, and usual manual. “People want to know exactly what it is they’re buying,” she says, adding that brands such as Nike, Lululemon, and Patagonia sell quickly.

3. Be Open-Minded

“I can’t tell you how many things I’ve sold that I literally thought that nobody is going to buy this,’” says Wolford. She had athletic shorts that had paint on the side and somebody bought them. People often don’t realize how somebody can find value in things that you don’t find value in anymore.

Yet, you have nothing to lose other than a minute of uploading it and potentially gain a few Ringgit more.

4. Don’t Delay

“The biggest thing is to just dive in and not put it off for later,” says Wolford. Make it a goal of selling one item a day. If you’re having a hard time collecting things to sell, try following Wolford’s rule of thumb: “If you haven’t used it, touched it or worn it in a year, it is time to let it go. Don’t hang onto things because you think you’re going to use it. If you haven’t used it, you’re still not going to use it.”

Good luck and earn some EXTRA BUCKS before the year ends!

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