2020 Living Trends: 4 Modern Living Trends You Will See in 2020

Did you ever realize that we already live in the future? Technology has progressed so much that it drastically changed the way in which we live today. We are more convenient than ever with the use of apps that allow us to share everything with one another. So, how has the traditional concept of “home” evolved so much?

Living Trends 1: Living Smart

This section is dedicated to the connection between technology and the everyday tasks we perform, showing the evolution from the idea of “Home as a Machine” to contemporary visions of a “Smart Home”. In the past, companies have the desire to make homes more efficient than ever. This resulted in consumer goods that promised to make our lives easier. Today, connected devices use our data to predict our habits and preferences.

Living Trends 2: Living Autonomously

This section is all about challenging consumerism. In fact, in the early 70s, some form of self-sufficiency was associated with visions of “self-sufficient homes”. These homes rely solely on themselves for heating, cooling, electricity, and more. To live in an autonomous house it is necessary to be more in touch with the environment and reuse it to make something else.

Living Trends 3: Living with less

With the growth of population around the globe, the recurring idea was that housing shortages could be solved with fully-fitted homes and micro-living solutions.

Today the trend seems to continue, considering, for example, the prevailing micro-apartments in Hong Kong, Japan, and other big cities. We challenge ourselves to declutter, donate, share, and reuse but the question of whether reducing our living space responds to our human needs is still in open discussion.

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Living Trends 4: Living on the move

Living on the move explores the way the internet and connected devices have made nomadic living possible. In the 20th century, numerous designers imagined a more fluid way of living.

Today, the so-called “digital nomads” seem to have embraced life on the move and to prefer experiences over ownership is a big change in the way we live. In a similar way, our concept of home is less bond to a physical space, but does that mean that we don’t need the comforts of a traditional home anymore?

Let us know what you think about the modern living trend that we are moving towards in 2020 in the comment section below. 

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