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2020 Color Tone: Colours of Nature Set To Inspire 2020 Home Interiors

The top trends for 2020 home designs are set to take their inspiration from a series of pastel and earth tones.

A series of 12 colors are described as “liveable neutrals” that cultivate a “safe, serene space” aiming to bring joy and comfort to homes. Earth’s prescription for the chaotic, busy lives we all live is to bring the tranquillity of nature and the outdoor world into the home. That’s exactly what we set out to accomplish when forecasting the 2020 Colors of the Year.

So what are the colors?

Pairing Winter Calm with earthy elements and natural textiles for a wholesome hangout is said to bring a sense of peace indoors and combined with white in small places can keep them feeling light and airy.

Canyon Earth is ideal for entryways, making for welcoming spaces that de-stress. The blue-grey cross works in harmony with classic wood tones, creating a timeless look for sitting rooms. While jewel green Secluded Garden is intended to add a delicate touch of elegance and glamour to a room.

Bombay Pink complements gold furnishings to posh, new heights that are confidently cheerful like a spring sunset.

Pale Powder is a fresh take on a warm neutral. Rooms decorated in the color should feature woven baskets and wooden décor keep this nostalgic dusty apricot true to its retro roots.

Secret Moss is a “naturally therapeutic” dusky green that creates a calming escape in any room. Soft neutrals and minimalist décor allow it to make a statement.

Finally, Crushed Out is a blush tone with a slight tint of pink that represents a new take on off-white. Surround with a contrast of greens, blues, and reds to make this soft pink recede into a beautiful neutral backdrop.

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