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Malaysia Life Hacks: 6 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Fix

Living in this fast paced modern world, we are all looking for better ways to make cleaning faster and easier. Trust me, bad cleaning habits start when you developed procrastination in cleaning up your house. However, we have picked 6 bad cleaning habits for you to change each week. Soon, you will have more free time for things you enjoy!

Some people may not realize that they have developed some bad habits that not only add extra house to your spring-cleaning time but also make your efficiency drops. Consequently, it gets harder to maintain cleanliness at home and eventually makes you hate cleaning the house.

Therefore, we have to learn from our mistake and try to break these bad habits. Find the 7 most common bad cleaning habits below and use these effective techniques to make the house look fresh and sparkling once again.

1. Leaving Wet Towels Clustered Up

After showering, do you have this bad habit leaving wet towels on the floor and let it pile up? The correct way to break this habit is to hang wet towels to dry up fast so that you can get a second or third use and lighten your laundry loads.

People often don’t realize that towels and sheets get dirty quickly. It is important to let them dry more quickly to discourage mildew growth. Therefore, cleaning them at least once a week is needed.

2. Using Excessive Cleaning Products

We may think if a little bit of cleaner works, then a lot of cleaners should work better and faster. That is not true. Using excessive cleaning products can actually cause more harm than good. If the excess of cleaning product is not rinsed away completely, the residue will harm our skin, or accumulate magnet and soil.

Thus, it is recommended to use a little lesser than the recommended amount. You can not only save time and money by using lesser amount of cleaning product, but also make sure that all the excess of cleaning product is removed entirely.

Facts: We wax wood floors to death hoping to get them to shine brighter, but the fact is, the more wax build-up, the duller the floor becomes.

3. Using One Disinfectant Wipe to Clean the Whole Bathroom

We know that a disposable disinfectant wipes can quickly wipe down a bathroom sink. But that little square can hardly clean an entire bathroom. By the time you reach the toilet seat and doorknobs, the disinfectant qualities are gone and using it further will simply spread bacteria from one surface to another.

To be effective, use multiple wipes or a clean cloth and adequate disinfectant and water solution to clean the entire bathroom.

4. Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Sink For Long

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. It is important to wash your dirty dishes immediately before the hungry insects start to eat them.

It is always tougher to wash a huge pile of dishes compared to a few each time. Furthermore, food grime only hardens over time and it can turn into a job that takes ages to clean. Thus, it is advised to adopt the habit of cleaning the dishes right away after every meal.

5. Wearing Outside Shoes in the House

It is always a no-no to wear outside shoes in the house because the bacteria and germs that you carry in will spread to every corner of your house and harm your family members’ lives. Besides, taking just a few seconds to remove your shoes before you enter the house will save you hours of vacuuming.

6. Not Reading Directions At All

Spend at least 30 seconds to read the directions at the back of every cleaning product to avoid re-doing the task again. Not reading the label on the products is a sure-fire way to make cleaning fail.

Every manufacturer knows the best way to use their product, so it is best to read their instruction before starting to use them. So if it says a capful of detergent, don’t act smart and throw in three or more, thinking it will be more effective. Follow each instruction carefully to prevent electrocution, injury, or anything worst.

In order to live in a healthy and hygienic surrounding, it is important to break your bad cleaning habits and develop a correct way of cleaning routine to keep your family safe and sounds.

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