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Malaysia Life Hacks: 10 Surprising Ways to Use Olive Oil around the Home

Everyone that cooks would definitely know the versatility and health benefits that olive oil bring to food preparation. But that bottle of olive oil in your kitchen is so much more useful than you think! Besides cooking, you can also use olive oil for cleaning, preserve finishes, enhance beauty routine, fix squeaks, and more!

There are different qualities when it comes to olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the most expensive olive oil what was mechanically pressed from fresh olives to get the best taste and aroma.

However, you don’t have to use the most expensive olive oil for your daily care routine. Instead, opt for a bargain brand for household uses. Save yourself some money by using standard olive oil. To make it even more useful, keep them in a spray bottle or a reusable pressurized sprayer for easy use.

In the Kitchen

Since olive oil is usually stored in the kitchen, let’s start from the kitchen and look beyond the sauté pan.

1. Prevent From Sticking

When cleaning the spoons or measuring cups, use a bit of olive oil to release sticky food like honey, mustard, syrup, and peanut butter. You can also rub olive oil against the measuring cup before filling it with sticky ingredients to avoid annoyance later on.

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2. Shine Stainless Steel and Protect Wooden Items

Apply some olive oil on a soft cloth and rub on the appliances, pots, and wooden items. The key is to apply it sparingly and let it soak in for a few minutes before shining the stainless steel and protect wooden items.

Personal Care

But a bottle of olive oil to keep on hand in the bathroom for grooming and accessories care.

3. Remove Tight Rings

Have you ever come across a moment where your ring just won’t budge from your finger? Easy! Just coat your finger in olive oil and use a soft cotton bud to get a grip on the ring and slowly work it off your finger. Luckily for us, olive oil makes it easy to get those rings unstuck!

4. Remove Stickers and Labels

It is such a waste to throw away used bottles. Instead, we can use them to refill other liquid for own use. Use olive oil to remove stubborn stickers and labels by applying enough oil to saturate the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes, and you’ll be able to remove it without any sticky residue.

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5. Shine Shoes and Boots

Honestly, shoe polish smells terrible. But olive oil smells just like olive oil and it doesn’t stain your hands. Spray a bit of olive oil on your shoes and boots and then polish them until they shine.

6. Moisturize Skin and Soften Cuticles

Want some pampering time for yourself? Olive oil is an ideal natural lubricant to treat your cuticles and moisture your dry skin. You can also add a bit of olive oil to your warm bath to soften your skin while you bathe. For better result, you can also add olive oil to make some exfoliating body scrub.

For a special treat, mix ¼ of warm water and ¼ of olive oil before soaking your fingers and toes. They will help you rehydrate your skin and prevent them from splitting and cracking.

Around the House

These tips will work in just about every room.

7. Silence Squeaky Hinges

A few drops of olive oil can help silence squeaky hinges on the doors, appliances, cabinets, and even car doors! Don’t’ believe? Try it yourself.

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8. Condition Leather

Now, all your old leather furniture, sofas, can look like new again! Apply a few drops of olive oil over the surface and rub against your leather chair and let it sit for 30 minutes before wiping away the excess. Your furniture will be supple and shiny once again.

9. Remove Gum

Don’t worry if you got gum on your hair or shoes. If you ever happen to encounter this situation, just grab your olive oil and soak them into a washcloth, and wrap them around the sticky area for 10 minutes. The gum will break down and it will slip right off. Viola! It is so easy!

In the Garden

Don’t forget to share the benefits of olive oil with your indoor garden too!

10. Protect Garden Tools

Olive oil can protect wooden garden tools from drying out and splitting. Coat them with a layer of olive oil to prevent rust and help dirt from sticking onto the tools. It can cut down on dirt build-up and prevent corrosion.

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