Malaysia Households: 7 Must-have Useful Items in Your House

1. Lemon

Lemon is the best cure for most of your household cleaning problems. Give your kitchen tools a quick vitamin C boost to remove unpleasant smell. Leftover odors of your fringe can be removed by leaving a cotton ball with dabbed lemon juice in the fridge for several hours. You can also freshen up your hand with lemon juice to help clear away odors that linger in your hand after handling certain food. Lemon can be used to revive hardened paintbrushes as well. Just place your hardened paintbrushes in boiling lemon juice and lower the heat. Lemon also helps to clean away water stain on stainless steel making look as good as new.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar is the most useful item you should have in your house. Toss a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine can help to soften scratchy fabric such as towels. This also helps to kill bacteria in your laundry without leaving the smell of vinegar. They work perfectly on sweat stains and old stain as well. Besides that, adding white vinegar to your laundry can help prevent fading in fabrics that have been treated by a lot of detergents. One of the best cleaning products is a spray bottle full of white vinegar solution. You can stay away from harsh chemical cleaning solutions by replacing it with white vinegar. It is safe to use on almost any surfaces including blinds and rugs. Best yet, white vinegar can also help to deodorize your household items.

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3. Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes don’t last forever. Don’t throw your old toothbrush away when its time to replace it with a new one. An old toothbrush can be used to scrub hard to reach places in your homes such as the bathroom faucet, shower head, and kitchen backsplash tiles. If you have children in your house that likes to use the walls as their canvas and had a hard time cleaning it, toothbrushes are your best helpers. Just load a toothbrush with some shaving foam or toothpaste and apply it to the crayon marks. A soft toothbrush can also be used to remove dust and other debris lurking around your computer keyboard.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another powerful item you can use all over your house. You can use it to remove stains and freshen up your plastic container. This magical powders can absorb strong odors in your fridge as well as removing dirt and waxy coating of store-bought fruits and vegetables. Mixing dish soap and a sprinkle of baking soda can deep clean extra greasy dishes and pans. They also help banish the mildew from your bathroom tiles, tub, basin and shower curtains. Moreover, you can de-clog your drain by pouring ½ cup of baking soda followed by ½ cup of vinegar, cover it with a wet cloth for few minutes then flush it with hot water.

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5. Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only work on your teeth, but it can also work around your house. Toothpaste can be used to remove stains from clothes and carpets. Appliances such as curling irons and straighteners can get stubborn coating from hair products and toothpaste can be used to combat the gunk easily without damaging the surface of the appliances. Wiping your mirrors and spectacles with a bit of toothpaste on a damp cloth can prevent them from fogging. Make sure to allow the toothpaste to dry then buff them with a dry cloth.  Furthermore, toothpaste can also give your tarnished and dull silver jewelry a new shine. They can spruce up dirty shoes too. 

6. Tennis Balls

There are many ways to use your tennis balls without hitting them in the court. By cutting an X on a tennis ball and slip it over the end of an old broom handle, you can use it to erase scuff marks on timber floors. Cutting a slit on a tennis ball and slip it over an outdoor padlock can prevent water from getting into it and cause rusting. Need a door stopper? Just wedge a tennis ball between the door and the doorjamb. Tennis ball can also be used to remove a broken light bulb from the socket. Gently push a tennis ball against the light socket and twist it to remove the bulb’s embedded stem after clearing away the broken glass shards cautiously.

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7. Baby Powders

Tangled jewelry? Loosen the knot with a little baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart. Sprinkle some baby powder in your drawer liner and musty furniture to keep them fresh. You can also keep a family of ants away from your kitchen by blocking their path with baby powder as they are not fans of the scent. Cleaning oily stain can be intimidating, dab any oil-based stain with baby powder to absorb the grease before laundering like usual. even though they are called baby powder, one important thing you should take note is that make sure you don’t use it around babies as it might be dangerous if the babies inhale it. 

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