Malaysia Household: 8 Easy Kitchen Hacks To Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the heavy trafficked space in the house. It is a place where you and your family use to cook and prepare meals hence it is important to clean it on a regular basis. Cleaning up the kitchen after meal preparation and cooking can be a mundane and tiresome task. With these 8 clever kitchen hacks, you can keep your kitchen clean and organized in less time than ever before. 

1. Over The Sink Cutting Board 

Make your meal preparation and cleaning process easier with an over the sink cutting board. An over the sink cutting board is a long cutting board that can be attached over or in front of your kitchen sink. This type of cutting board can help you to keep the food you’re preparing from making a disaster on your kitchen counter as well as make rinsing and cleaning easier. Apart from that, you can also save your countertops space for other items.

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2. Curtain Rods and Hook

Keep your kitchen organized by mounting some curtain rod on your kitchen wall and hang some hook on it. Not only can you use them to dry your tablecloth but also organize your kitchen utensils such as pot lids and frying pans. Just make sure the hook are sturdy enough to hold them.

3. Drawer Dividers

Use some drawer dividers to keep your kitchen drawers organized. You can also customise and DIY the dividers by using materials like cardboard or any other recycled material without buying them if you don’t want to. Drawer divider provides you the ease to find your kitchen utensils and cooking tools

4. Tension Rods

Majority of the people like to keep a lot of items especially household product in the under-sink cabinets or base cabinets. Use tension rods to store and organize spray bottles in your under-sink cabinet. This will give you additional space as well as make it easier to take the items out for cleaning or sink repair. You can set up the tension rods upright inside the base cabinet to sort items such as cutting board and baking trays too.

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5. Crates, Baskets and Hanging Shoe Holders

Organize snacks and other items in the cabinet with crates or baskets. You can free up some space by keeping them in hanging baskets or hanging shoe holders as well. Sort your items by type and label them accordingly.  

6. Unclog Drain

Pour some boiling water down the drain of your kitchen sink once in a while to prevent clogs from forming in your kitchen sink. Boiling water helps remove the grease from food products that build up in the interior of the drain pipes. You can consider pouring some baking soda down the drain prior to pouring the boiling water as baking soda can absorb odors and clean the pipe.

7. Garbage Bin

Consider replacing a single huge garbage bin with multiple small ones that allow you to presort your garbage into domestic waste and recyclables waste. In addition, a simple trick to make your garbage less smelly is by soaking some cotton ball with essential oil then drop them underneath the garbage liner or the garbage bag. 

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8. Dry Flour 

Looking for inexpensive ways to polish your stainless steel kitchenware and sink? Try using dry flour. Wash and dry your stainless steel kitchenware and sink then sprinkle them with flour and buff it. Rinse off the flour with water. You will be surprised to see them shine like new. 

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