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Malaysia Home Living : How the Internet of Things Have Shape the Future of Home Automation

Ever wondered what it would be to have a home that answers all your needs when you give it a command? This includes waking you up in the morning with a sweet aroma of coffee, playing your favorite soothing music, changes the mood of your room to suit your activities, and protects your items at home when you are away.

In 1923, Le Corbusier described a house as “a machine for living in” and slowly it become reality in this year and age. First, everything has become more convenient. Then, appliances started to control themselves using built-in sensors and programmers. Now, a smart home is actually being realized and everything in our house is fully automated.

Thanks to the Internet, we can easily set up any appliances in our home to control it from a web browser anywhere and anytime. Every machine connected will be talking to one another, running automatically through what we called the Internet of Things.

If you like the idea of living in a smart home and a future that takes care of itself, let’s take a closer look at how this might impact your future home automation.

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So, What is The Internet of Things?

The term “Internet of Things” means technologies that make it possible to connect devices to the Internet. These systems help to collect data, monitor, control, and transfer information to activate certain actions whenever it is needed. For instance, if your refrigerator notices that your milk is running low, it will order automatically without your having to take any action.

In short, the Internet of Things makes everything more intelligent.

One of the things that makes people smart is our ability to communicate with one another. We are able to talk, communicate, listen, and collaborate with other people to achieve very complicated goals. What if when gadgets and machines could talk to each other the same way?

What if an accelerometer embedded in a cardigan could detect when a person fell from the stairs and telephone an ambulance right away? What if highway control systems could measure and monitor cars streaming down different routes at different times of the day and automatically re-route traffic around jams and snarl-ups?

All these things can become possible if machines can communicate with one another automatically. In short, there was a giant network of machines – The Internet of Things.

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Smart Home and Internet of Things

Imagine you could control your entire house through voice command or remotely with an app.


Have your smart home turn on or turn off the lights based on your needs. Imagine setting up a home cinema and have your TV communicate with your choice of the lighting system.


Whatever your mood is, your smart home can play a bespoke playlist to match it perfectly. For more advanced features, you could even pair it with a wearable device and have music play based on your heartbeat.


Pairing your smart home with a wearable device that allows the system to recognize you as the homeowner. Whenever they detect you, the gate will open the door as soon as you are standing in front of them. Open sesame!


Control all sockets in your house to turn specific appliances on and off according to your needs. You could turn your slow cooker on while you are still at work and your dinner will be ready once you are home.

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For example, you turn on your treadmill and your smart home would know how to adjust the temperature accordingly. This could come in handy whenever you turn your shower on as well.

The possibilities are now endless with the Internet of Things!

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