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Now Trending: Top 10 Sleekest Matte Black Accessories for Your Home

The color black has been linked with being sleek, edgy and mysterious. When we use black as our home décor, it brings a sophisticated edge to the home. Black is a neutral color that matches every color beautifully. When paired with pastel color, it becomes contemporary and chic. It shines on its own perfectly.

We all know that a black dress has been a staple in a woman’s wardrobes for decades and it has always been held a sacred place in fashion. Same goes to interior design. From fixtures to floor and furniture, black color add an element of a sleek and edgy feel to it. Lately, matte black has influenced the interior design and sweep the fashion and beauty world once again.

Any room can be enhanced and upgraded with a touch of some matte black element. The best black accessories are none other than the most gorgeous matte black bathtub. Don’t trust me? Look for yourself.

1. Stylish Cutlery

Matte black cutlery is so chic that it would make you feel obligated to eat all the leftovers. It should go without saying that a 12-piece set will add some major style to your next dinner party tablespace.

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2. A Subtle Black Table Lamp

A black table lamp is a heaven of stylish and affordable home finds. Try the double table lamp with a touch of copper or rose cold to create an elegant feel.

3. Sophisticated Photo Frame

A matte black photo frame may not be the most favorable option for most homebuyers but any painting or photography in black or shadow instantly looks more expensive.

4. Edgy Black Chairs

At your breakfast nook or around the dining table, these elegant chairs are bound to make an impression to your guest. To give each one some individual flair, add a throw or pillow to the seat.

5. KitchenAid Mixer

When we purchase a product, we will often choose matte black because it is sleek and elegant. This can also prevent from looking dusty and dirty after a while.

6. Rustic Chandelier

Grand and rustic—those are the perfect words to describe a matte black chandelier. Choose one with exposed bulbs which gives it a contemporary feel that could easily translate from a cozy cabin to cool compound.

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7. Seductive Bathtub

Rejuvenation would be the focal point of this bathroom, instantly turning it into a seriously spa-like retreat. Imagine adding some scents and candles to enhance the atmosphere, a good book and a glass of wine in this tub, completely heaven!

8. Edgy Dinnerware

Add a little edge to your usual dinner table setting with these matte black plates, bowls, and mugs with your usual white set for a film noir-feeling table with a dash of whimsy.

9. Mosaic Tile

If your backsplash or bathroom floor is overdue for an upgrade, try a touch of matte black mosaic tile. We love how this mosaic tile looks contrasted with stark white or marble countertops. Make a change and you will thank me later!

10. Sleek Matte Black Cabinet

Black cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom can offer simplicity and sleekness. They’re also a perfect backdrop to exhibit an all-white collection. One of the best things about black is that is doesn’t show dust and mess like other colors. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many beautiful black granites in your house!

You don’t have to be afraid of going dark with your decor and interior design because a little black magic for a look that is sophisticated and seductive can be a dramatic statement at any time.

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