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Malaysia Furniture: 4 Common Furniture Arranging Mistakes by Interior Designers

Sometimes, no matter how much thought you give to a room, it can still feel off. It’s hard to put a finger on the problem that causes an awkward furniture layout when you’re not a professional architect or interior designer, which is why a little help from us is never a bad idea.

To help shed the light on the most common furniture arranging mistake you might be making in your own space, we have gathered some layout pet peeves for you: Are the furniture pieces too close to each other or too far apart? Is the rug too small? Is the scale right for the space?  Below are the furniture arranging mistakes interior designers always notice in many houses.

1. Too Many Furniture

One of the main mistakes an interior designer always notices is too much furniture in a room. It is suggested to keep good circulation around a living room furniture layout. A space should never feel too confined or too spacious. It is crucial to make sure that every piece of furniture you choose has a purpose. To achieve an overall aesthetic that is simple with plenty of space, maintain a comfortable distance from the edge of a sofa from the edge of the coffee table.

Adding way too many pieces of furniture in a room can make it feel overcrowded and negatively impact the flow of the space. Interior designers are firm believers in “less is more” concept. For example, if you have a large sofa, you do not need to have two chairs flanking it. Instead, try adding one chair and a small side table, which will create balance in the room and allow for an uninterrupted sense of flow.

2. Matching Furniture Sets

One of the interior designer’s pet peeves is when everything in a room matches well. Furniture sets that include a matching sofa, loveseat, and chair ends up looking like a showroom and can be very underwhelming. By mixing textures, colors, and even genres, you can create a much more elevated space that looks thoughtfully curated and well designed.

3. Inefficient Navigation

Above all else, your furniture arrangement must be conducive to easy navigation. When Interior designers walk into a room, they always notice when furniture disrupts the project flow. We must always strive for a clear layout plan that addresses potential complications that arise with an unusual space. Whether the feel is comfortable or sophisticated, we believe the furniture selection and arrangement should reflect it.

4. Furniture Against the Wall

Another main pet peeve of many interior designers is for furniture to be pushed up against the walls. “Don’t be afraid to float your couch,” suggests interior designer, Krasnow. It can be appealing to push all furniture up against the wall, but this can create dead space in the center of the room. Leaving a few inches between your wall and sofa can create a more inviting environment.

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