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Malaysia Furniture: 11 Extraordinary Bookshelf Ideas That Make Your Small Apartment Look Sophisticated

Add colour into your bookshelves if not add life to into it. Bookshelves are often the focal point of a room. It adds personality and style to everything in that space. Not only can you proudly show off your book collections, but you can also portrait your sense of appeal and taste through the design and position of the bookshelf. A sophisticated bookcase comprises of design, colour, position, and an eye for balance. Explore different ways to spruce up your living room with different style of bookshelves.

1. Get Round and Round

Try designing your book shelves in a totally different style. Turn them upside down or create a round book shelves where you can push it to anywhere you like. This modern bookshelf creates an unexpected display piece in your house.

2. Secret Door to A Whole New World

If you are looking into something unique that serves two purposes, try double the usage as a book shelf and a secret door at the same time. This creative shelving system are virtually invisible and it works like a virtual art of its own.

3. The World is in Your Hand

People are creative when it comes to home decoration. Staggered shelving is perfect for home owners who want a touch of imagination in their living room. This world map bookshelf is visually captivating that highlights a special artwork.

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4. Choose a Floating Shelves

To give your reading nook a cohesion, furnish your floating shelves with the same fabric as your seating. It gives a contrast between the two and brings out a great dimension too.

5. Give Your Stairs a Different Look

Bookshelf can be a great way to transform an awkward space under your stars into something classy and unique. It can also be a secret passageway that opens up into a storage closet or hidden rooms. This is also a good reminder that a lack of space can be a great design opportunity.

6. Go Glam with Mirrored Bookshelves

Install mirrors along the back of the built-in shelve to give the wall dept. It is a great way to make your space looks wider.

7. Frame Your Door

Create a floor-to-ceiling built-in shelve for a bookish border to frame your door. It decorates your wall and keep your collection organized.

8. Rainbow of Books

If you are a housewife who loves decorating your house, try organizing all your books in an interesting way. Organized color-coded bookshelf arrangement is a great method of making the books look decorative. Mixing red and black books adds a dramatic look while a rainbow color arrangement makes for a cheerful and energetic feel.

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9. Hanging Bookshelves

This book hanger system is designed in a way that anyone can casually grab a book at any time. It was designed for fewer books and running contrary to the traditional idea of heavy loaded bookshelves.

10. Built-In Bookshelves

A built-in bookshelves are great because they lend an air of sophistication to any room and can be used as both art displays and also practical items. However, make sure to get a good quality bookshelves as they are a permanent fixture in your home. But keep in mind, this would cost you a penny.

11. Invisible Bookshelves

If you are looking to wow your guest, an invisible shelf system might be just the right answer. Talking about minimalist design, this invisible bookshelf fits perfectly to this term. The invisible bookshelf seems to disappear entirely into the wall like the magical world of Harry Potter.

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