Made in Malaysia: 8 Local Sustainable Wood Makers that Every Malaysian Should Know

As global warming has become one of the world’s main concern, the Malaysian furniture industry has started to take initiatives to enhance productivity besides addressing the needs to “go green” in the manufacturing process. This is a crucial step to develop Malaysia’s global image and portray “Malaysia Made” furniture as being sustainable.

Based on that, the Malaysia Furniture Promotion Council (MFPC) has emphasized the standards used to define green Malaysian furniture. Timber must be obtained from certified sustainable forest management while wood and fabric must be obtained from sustainable sources. Moreover, the use of palm wood is encouraged as they would otherwise be burnt or deposited in the landfill. Besides, waste minimization can be accomplished through good finishing, design, and quality. Manufacturers are also encouraged to use water-based stains and glues, biodegradable plastic bags, and recycled carton boxes to promote better use of resources.

We have discovered several eco-friendly custom furniture makers in Malaysia that every Malaysian should be proud of. Not only did they do their part to save the environment, the furniture that they produced for everything from office space, cafes, and homes are interestingly charming and are no less classy.

1. B.O Design

B.O Design is run by the owner, Lim Bo Qiong as an interior and furniture design studio. B.O Design offers interior & bespoke furniture design services to their customers. Lim become an award-winning designer when his Muk Sofa took the first prize in the 2016 Furniture Design Competition. He designs with persistence and sustainability in mind, and his designs often showcase a tasteful blend of rustic and modern aesthetics.

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2. Porniture Woodwerk

Porniture Woodwerk specializes in custom-made furniture and is run by a husband and wife duo. It was all a side hustle at first, but the husband-and-wife team went full steam after orders started flooding in via their Instagram page. They offer the added specialty of designing unique playgrounds for furkid, particularly the fun cat bungalows made from recycled pinewood.

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3. Biji Biji Initiative

A social enterprise that champions sustainable living, Biji Biji Initiative does well at their custom made products because their woodworking is not limited to furniture only. They have built unique displays for events, smart LED displays, art installations, and other décor upon client request.

All of Biji-Biji Initiative’s products are made using at least 45% recycled materials. They even have a live counter on their site of how many ‘trashed’ items that they have reused over these years. Browsing through their web catalogue, you will see products rated with Biji scores – their scoring mechanism that measures the environmental, economic and social impact of each product.

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4. KayuBesi

KayuBesi is a social enterprise that aims to reduce waste by turning industrial wood pallets into home and commercial furniture products that would otherwise be chucked away by factories in Kajang. This permits the team to produce rustic and interesting furniture that gains its dimension from the arrangement of different shades of wood pallets.

The designs they present are down-to-earth and straight-to-the-point. But as all companies compiled in this list, they do take on custom designs either based on the different dimensions that your space may require, or perhaps if you have any ideas for creating wood pallet inspired pieces.

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5. Lishasahar Furniture

Lisha, the owner of Lishasahar Funiture wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and be a pilot but today, she runs her own company Lishasahar Furniture with her husband Zarulaliff Zulkifli. While Kayubesi reuses wood pallets, Lishasahar reuses reclaimed pine, which is a lighter and tender type of wood. It was salvaged from old barns, factories, and warehouses.

Their work combines woodwork, supported by delicate metalwork. A lot of their customers include newlyweds who are moving into new homes, bazaars customers, and new boutique owners who need display cabinets and signage. 

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6. The Perfect Fusion

The Perfect Fusion offers a wider array of wood and materials that are current and plays a lot with strong and vertical lines. They also inclined to custom-designed furniture with teak wood that allows more longevity while ensuring luxury and comfort. People who prefer a piece of reliable furniture will appreciate these pieces that are simple and age well enough.

Address: NO 54 JALAN KEMAJUAN 12/18 SECTION 12, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

7. ZVW +4inci3hun

With a cool and sleek design sense, the four-year-old venture by Zulkefli Ali and his brother Muhammad Khairul Ali has major appeal among those who have a soft spot for beautifully-made wooden furniture. These guys combine reused materials, pallet and steel to produce a simple yet bold furniture design.

The team also provides interior designing services which only serve to complement their skillful craftsmanship and commitment to precision. Each piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind for different clients based on their request.

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Address: lot 1941, Jalan Permai 29, Kampung Tasik Permai, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

8. Twizs

The lifestyle brand, Twizs was founded by twin brothers Kenneth Wong Ken Lit and Litat Wong Lit Tat back in 2012. The name is Twizs is derived from the word “twins” and “twist” as their products have an unusual twist.

With the motto “less is more” in mind, Twizs focuses on minimalism and green solutions where their designs — whether in furniture, apparel and homeware — have a certain sophistication. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, all the furniture joints were detachable, removable and can be easily re-assembled.

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