Is Online Furniture Shopping The Future Trend?

As we step into 2020, we are looking forward to the trends and challenges that furniture e-commerce will bring. All over the world, online shopping has become part of our daily lifestyle. With more options available and greater access to information than ever, consumers are buying experience than the actual product. As a result, many traditional retailers are struggling in the face of challenges, specifically from their online competitors. Among them, furniture retailers are finding it particularly tough as many have been slow to adapt to the effects e-commerce has had on their industry.

Superior product visualization will continue to be a driving factor for e-commerce success in 2020. The biggest challenge of bridging the gap between online and offline shopping is the possibility to visualize products and give customers the ultimate shopping experience. As a matter of fact, all customers want to know exactly what they are going to get.

Retailers recognize that the first impression a customer gets from a website can have a strong impact on conversions. Therefore, online market presence continue to be a key area of investment and focus for retailers. However, creating authentic and compelling visualizations that will drive engagement is now more challenging than ever.

Another primary question that all companies face is whether a mobile app or a mobile website is the right way to go. As shoppers spend more time and money on mobile, they will expect better experiences on those devices. We are witnessing the steady growth of mobile shopping, and while it has not yet entirely replaced the desktop, it has become a natural part of consumer shopping behavior. According to Google, 50% of all web traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets.

With a mobile website, you can get a wider audience reach and better SEO rankings (due to the mobile-first index from Google). On the other hand, a mobile app can offer a more immersive mobile experience to the users with features like push notifications, alerts, personalization, custom recommendations, so on and so forth.

However, we are witnessing that users tend to spend their time on their top 5 apps and delete apps that they don’t use frequently. If we consider that furniture is not a frequently bought item, it becomes clear that there is a large chance that customers won’t bother downloading the app. With these pros and cons in mind, you must be able to take the purpose, needed features, target audiences, and available budget into consideration and convert your sales target towards online shopping.

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