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Malaysia Bedroom : 7 Guest Room Ideas That Will Make You the Best Host

Having guests over to your house anytime soon? Don’t worry, just roll out the red carpet (or perhaps the patterned rug) with these guest bedroom decorating ideas. There’s no need for a complete overhaul. Small touches like a fresh throw pillow, a potted plant, hang removable wallpaper, or cozy throw can refresh your guest room before your company arrives. These remodeling ideas will get the job done swiftly and maybe inspire a bedroom makeover of your own.

Before the guests arrive, clear out any clutter and lay out new towels, extra blankets, and pillows. Move away any fragile furniture from the bedside table and swap in some updated magazines. With bedrooms like these, expect to see increasing RSVP coming your way! Your guests will love your host and will want to re-visit again! They would also give you a five-star rating if they could!

1. Wifi Notes

Earn some bonus points by leaving a list of handy deets. For example, write down your home’s Wi-Fi network and password. Your guests will be thrilled to have that once they enter your house! It makes them feel connected and comfortable being around your house.

2. Little Ledge

Dealing with a small guestroom? Affix a small shelf next to the bed in lieu of a table to save some space. It is all about the space they need for a reading light, book, and small bud vase.

3. Lush Plants

Plants are always considered as the finishing touch. Bringing in a bouquet of fresh flowers to breathe life into a little-used room. It can be potted plants, like fiddle leaf fig, or buy them from the florist shop. You can also relocate these flowers to the guest bedroom for the weekend as a part of a five-minute makeover.

4. Trendy Pillows

A fresh throw pillow can add instant glamour to an otherwise boring room. Without a change of pillows or furniture, your guest’s room will look dull and uninteresting to your guests.

5. Two-Tone Accent Wall

Make a dramatic change with a two-tone accent wall. Roll over a darker color paint on the bottom half of the wall and a lighter hue on the top portion to draw your guest’s eye upward.

Bonus tip: Use two shades on the same swatch card for a stunning pairing.

6. Bright Linens

Cheery yellow sheets are the color that you need for a neutral-filled room. Bring rainbows to your guest’s life!

7. Many Mirrors

Mirrors are an oldie but a goodie. Bringing in more reflective surfaces will help bounce light around the room, give the idea of a bigger and brighter room.

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