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Malaysia Deco: Hanging Kitchen Pot Rack Can Be Stylish for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in everyone’s house. It can make the difference between a warm and inviting kitchen space or it may look like a combat zone. Good storage skills can keep everything you need in its own space while cutting down on preparation time and makes clean up easier when a meal is over.

We all know that the most difficult things to keep organized in the kitchen are pots, lids, and pans. They can be too big for a small kitchen. The best way to keep these things organized is to hang a pot rack. Pot racks are not only functional, but they also give your kitchen a stylish look.

You can either mount them on the walls or ceiling that gives you additional space while also freeing up your cabinets and shelves for other items. Regardless of the type, a good pot rack can help add a little more organization to your kitchen while keeping up with the contemporary look you have also wished for.

Hanging kitchen pot rack could get heavy when weighed down effortlessly your pans, therefore, it is important that to be installed correctly and firmly into the joists to avoid falling. Oval or rectangular, wooden or bronze, there is always a hanging pot rack out there for everyone.

How to Hang Kitchen Pot Rack

You will want:

  • Ceiling screws – a wood screw for that joists which has a hook at one end to connect the chain
  • A drill
  • A stud finder (optional)

The best pot racks are a blend of forms and functions. First and foremost, they give you the extra space to keep your large cookware organized. Since they are often out in the space, a pot rack must be also visually appealing.

A classic pot rack will give any kitchen an upgrade on style and space at the same time. They are usually made of durable wrought-iron. You can also hang hooks from many places including the outer rim and metal grid in the center. For installation, four hooks must mount into the ceiling and make sure to use large chains to be able to carry the weight of the rack.

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