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Home Deco : 8 Unburnished Brick Interiors Homes Around The World

Bricks aren’t just brownstones. Although it has been a cornerstone of civilization, people still prize brick for its nuanced variegation and texture, as well as its ability to insulate better than wood. Here, we gathered these 8 examples from Dwell Magazine that showcase this material’s varied and inspiring applications around the world.  

1. A Renovated Manhattan Home with Brick Interiors

Self-taught designer Tom Givone fixed up his 1882 row house in New York City over many years. Located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of upper Manhattan, the house was designed in 1882 by architect Gilbert Robinson Jr.

2. A Beach House with a Brick Circle South of Melbourne

The couple’s weekend house is located a few blocks from the beach on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula. Built with passive principles in mind, the low-slung structure features double-thick brick walls for thermal massing.

3. Brick Walls that Connect Interior to Exterior in Sydney

A counterweight pulley system makes easy work of lifting the large glazed walls flanking the courtyard. Brick walls extend from the home’s interior out into the courtyard.

4. A Minimal Brooklyn Apartment with Exposed Brick

A couple takes a minimalist approach to their Brooklyn apartment, focusing on supple materials, subtle gradations of color, and custom finishes by local craftsmen. Surprisingly, the exposed brick adds plenty of texture to the room.

5. A Victoria-Era Brick Home in Hampshire

 “We had in mind a new entrance that would make a good, strong impression,” says owner Sheryl Wilson. Architect Darren Bray peeled back the layers of the previous owners’ decor to allow the brickwork to breathe. 

6. A Brick Loft in San Francisco

The architect spent a year and a half designing and fabricating nearly everything in the structure save for the original brick walls. “I treated the interior like a custom piece of furniture,” she says.

7. A Brooklyn Brownstone with Brick in the Bedroom

“We put a lot of energy into the bones of the building because we intend to be here for a long time,” says Lauren Snyder, who resuscitated an aging home. They used simple, basic materials like plaster, brick, and wood throughout to keep it feeling honest, they said.

8. A Rebuilt Residence in New Orleans with Brick Walls

An existing brick wall was dismantled, cleaned, and rebuilt to celebrate its patina. It now showcases as an artwork by Blake Boyd.

After watching all these bricks house, are you impressed by how bricks can actually turn your house into an amazing artwork?

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