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The Biggest Home Design Trends That Are Changing In 2020

Trends move so fast in the home décor industry. You can’t exactly remodel your kitchen or install new flooring multiple times a year. That being said, looking back at the start of 2019 and now into 2020, things have shifted a bit in home design. Homes are starting to reflect newer materials, finishes, patterns, and colors that, if you are about to redecorate or renovate, might inspire you to try something different in your space.

1. Tile Style

Matte cement tiles had a moment in late 2018 and early 2019. But in 2020, the sheen was back in full swing. No two tiles created in this fashion are the same, which speaks to the growing desire to have something truly unique in our homes.

Expect to continue seeing more tile applications in stack bond configurations as these kinds of patterns are super graphic and modern, especially when tiles are laid vertically.

2. Plant Babies

Greenery isn’t going anywhere, but the tree that captured the hearts of Instagrammers is starting to take a backseat. We are now all about these smaller, lower maintenance plants. They are the best plants and so much easier to maintain.

3. Stripes

Bands of alternating colors seem to always be big in both fashion and interiors. But the stripe of the future isn’t uniform in size or width. Instead, it’s “broken” into smaller strips of color at irregular intervals. The end result is a much more visually dynamic pattern. Look for broken stripes in rugs and textiles like pillow covers.

4. Pattern Play

Terrazzo reached peak saturation in 2019 It then became more than just material but a pattern in its own right. Look for colored flecks that become sketchy squiggle shapes in 2020 on things like dinnerware, bedding, wallpaper, and textiles. You might even see squiggles as wall sculptures, as in this living room.

5. Furniture Feels

In direct opposite of clean Mid-Century lines – curvy furniture, came back onto the scene last year and has continued to grow in popularity in 2019. Many major retailers launched sofas, chairs, and headboards with shapely backs and feminine flourishes. But things are about to get even more relaxed. Slouchy silhouettes are starting to blur the lines between curvy and straight, and this hybrid style offers the best of both worlds—not to mention the pieces are wildly comfortable.

6. Paint Projects

If it feels like all of a sudden your Instagram feed was full of painted blob accent walls, you’re not imagining things. Abstract murals make a big impact relative to their time and monetary costs, so everyone seemed to be grabbing a brush and giving it a go.

But 2020 just might be the year of the painted arch. When you don’t have architectural charm over windows, a doorway, or even your headboard, you can fake it ‘til you make it with just a quart of paint and a simple semi-circle shape.

7. Wall Color

Gray walls had a good run over the past few years, but paint palettes are starting to warm up again. Beige is back, and it’s not the bland tan you might remember from the early 2000s. This time around, beige is softer and sweeter with pinky undertones that cast a pretty glow on everything they come into contact with.

8. Mirror Magic

Who doesn’t want their furnishings to work harder for them? As small spaces continue to trend, we’re demanding that all of our objects do double duty, and mirrors of all types are no exception to this rule. That’s why mirrors are starting to sport built-in shelves. These little perches might not offer tons of storage, but it’s the perfect spot for toiletries, jewelry, or other little knickknacks.

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