Malaysia Interior Designs: Top 7 Interior Design Trends For 2020

A new year means a fresh start not just for burning off all of those holiday calories, but it’s also the perfect time to revamp your home if needed. Here are a few trends we believe will make their way into everyone’s homes this year.

Neutral colors will be in once again this upcoming year. They come in pretty classic and serene shades, and most importantly, they’re not super busy. Neutral colors are whites with cool or warm undertones. Our prediction for 2020 sees warm neutrals making their way in, while cool neutrals fade into the background.


Velvet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s going to be steaming hot and trendy in 2020. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. When most people think of velvet, they often think about the old red velvet upholstery of yesteryear. This year and into the next, interior design firms are taking a deep dive into velvet design options, particularly for sofas. And, our color options are wider than ever. We’re talking vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange, and shades of taupe. The possibilities for velvet furniture in 2020 are endless.


Black and white are the beginning and end of the color spectrum. They literally couldn’t be a starker contrast between colors but the clash between light and dark is a gift from the interior design gods. There are millions of ways to incorporate this yin and yang trend into your home decor.

Black chairs and sofas, white throw pillows, chevron print, black and white marble–there are so many textiles and pattern variations that marry these two colors. In 2020, interior designers can look forward to the endless possibilities for home decor that this black and white trend has to offer.


Biophilia is a new trend that incorporates human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured. In the past few years, our society has grappled with climate change and sustainability. A lot of consumers want to have a stylish home, yet it still incorporates organic elements from the environment.

Interior design firms have heeded that call. Recycled wood can be used for chairs, tables, and floors while plants can contribute to your home’s organic aesthetic while still promoting a clean, environmentally friendly home. High tech homes were in, but 2020 is all about getting back and giving back to nature. Bedrooms and bathrooms are transformed into ethereal spaces created by using rich earthy elements including metals, wood, and stone.


Floral fabrics and wallpaper are other throwback-turned-contemporary trends to look forward to in 2020. Florals have technically been around for a long time. However, there’s a big difference between the floral interior design trends of 2020 and the old pink flowery wallpaper and furniture you might remember seeing in your grandmother’s home.

Wallpaper trends today incorporate floral patterns of different sizes and color patterns. There is a strong attraction to vibrant colors like yellow and contrasting colors that will make your walls pop. The same is true today, but 2020 florals are an abstract chic rendition of this interior design classic.


Metals are going to be all over the place in 2020. We’re talking silver, gold, tin, and copper. Tin panels are predicted to be a popular backsplash option for kitchens. The mixed metal decor trend will also be pretty popular. Silver and brown metals will work well together, like iron and gold or bronze. Be careful not to mix more than three metals in one space, or your decor could become way too busy and overwhelming for one room. The right interior design firm can help you find balance.


The engineered environment trend is all about mixing two conflicting elements: technology and nature. Science and technology are used to create sustainable pieces that are as beautiful as they are good for the environment. It’s taking recyclables and giving them a new life in the consumer’s home. Since sustainability should not and will not go out of style, we’re pretty certain that scientists and interior designers will continue to team up to make beautiful home decor that Mother Nature can appreciate.


Our final trend takes a look at earth tones. The colors and textures mimic that of wood, metals, and foliage found in nature’s most basic elements that are regularly used in the making of furniture and home accessories. Earth tones like rich forest greens, taupe, and clay colors create a natural look that creates a zen-like environment made for meditation and unwinding after a long day.

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