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Malaysia Home Office: 5 Home Office Ideas and Tips That Will Motivate You to Get Up and Work Now

More and more people in this day and age are adding home offices, libraries, and quiet rooms to their homes. People are leaning towards the concept of freelancing at home or work-from-home. Others may have carved out space for their hobby like crafting, writing, reading, or painting.

Your home office is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity and they should be vibrant and inspiring, making it a room someone would seek out and get you down to business.

To help you create and update your own inspiring home office space, here are some of the best home office updates and small home office ideas that will make you want to buckle down and get to work.

Always remember, a poor home office environment could be damaging your success as a work from home freelancer. Things like poor lighting, clutter, bad color schemes, and spatial layout can affect your work speed, accuracy, and most importantly quality.

Start now by creating your ideal ambiance:

1. Infuse with Colors

Color has the almighty power to get your creative juices keep flowing and improve your mood. Don’t just follow the trend but choose colors that speak to you.  Having a bit of fun with non-conventional turquoise furniture meant that even the more functional elements of the room looked attractive.

There’s an entire psychology behind how color affects the brain. Having the right color in your home space can determine how well you perform your work. In this case, blues and greens might not be your first choices, but they’ve been proven to increase productivity and energy levels.

2. Think Chic

Your space should inspire you and reflect your unique personality at all times. So, don’t be afraid to go all out and design a space that is fashionable, functional, and reflects your identity.

Black accent wall can add some drama and depth to your workspace and a chandelier above the desk can add a little glitz and glamour. On the other hand, wood tiled sideboard can keep the space organized whilst also serving as a storage unit for countertop for office supplies.

Besides, metallic-like gold, brass, and silver have the power of instantly elevating a space without being too distracting.

3. Practice Hygge

If you’re a person who is easily stressed out, muted accessories from nature will create a serene and peaceful ambiance to your workplace environment. Takes advantage of natural wood and white walls to make your space welcoming but not too cozy.

4. Keep the Backdrop White

If your style changes faster than your clothes, it is best to keep your space all white. However, you can always switch in new pillows, patterns, and accent colors as you wish at any time.

5. Let Light In

Always stay connected to the great outdoors. Natural light makes space feel bigger and happier, which is always a plus for a small workspace. When you feel alive, you’re always more efficient.

If you have an office that also functions as a dressing room or a walk-in closet, affix a non-adhesive frosted film to windows, to allow sunlight into your space while maintaining privacy at the same time.  

Remember, natural light is energizing and you want to position your workspace in a room with a window. If you need a light fixing, look for one that is specifically made for office productivity that offers cool light and reduces glare.

Feng Shui: Tips for Achieving Home Office

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of designing a room layout to maximize the flow of energy. It can be applied to your home office to increase its potential as a workspace.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when exploring home office:

  • Place your home office far away from your bedroom.
  • Keep all work areas clean and free from clutter.
  • Maintain a healthy air quality.
  • Make sure your home office has adequate lighting.
  • Your desk should be placed where you can see your door. This symbolizing that you’re in control of your success.
  • Make sure you have a solid wall behind you.

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