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Malaysia Home Decor: 10 Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Living Room

Interior designers spend their whole lives learning the little details to make a room perfect. Often than not, what is wrong in our living rooms can be as simple as a painting hung too high or a lack of eye-level lamps.

To shed some light on the most common living room decorating mistakes, we asked them to share the decorating mistakes they frequently notice in living rooms everywhere. Simple fix these mistakes, adopt these living room ideas, and you can then enjoy your new and improved space forever!

Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating a living room.

1. Falling Into the Showroom Look

Another mistake that plagues living rooms everywhere is the showroom feel. It’s important for us to mix new and vintage elements to create an interesting, eclectic, and individualized room.

To avoid feeling like you’re in a showroom, leaving adequate room in the budget for lighting, textiles, and accessories after large items are selected is crucial because the small pieces are what add personality to your living room.

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2. Hanging Cheap Art

Cheap art can drag down a room’s aesthetic. Instead of going generic, opt for a custom-art service that is affordable to you. There are lots of cool custom art services available online now. All you have to do is google and purchase them online.

3. Poorly Planning Your Layout

While it may be tempting to push your sofa against a wall facing the TV stand and call it a day, there is truly more to include in planning a great living room layout.

Floating furniture is something that you place pieces off the wall, sometimes in the middle of the room. When you do this in your living room, it makes the room feel and look larger because you will be able to walk around it.

4. Disregarding Investment Pieces

Investing in one statement accent is financially better than spending on multiple inexpensive pieces in the long run because in the end, the little things cost just as much and the space feels cluttered rather than cohesive.

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5. Making It Too Precious to Live In

Pay special attention to making your living room fit the conveniences of everyday living. For example, select textiles and rugs that can take the wear and tear of everyday living. There are some great outdoor fabrics that we’re using indoors so that dogs and kids cannot destroy. Beware of the seductive silk rug. As much as silk looks pretty and elegant, wool is a much better rug for a family.

6. Overthinking the Sofa

No one loves a simple sofa more than anyone because they are so easy to style. It is advisable to stay away from overly ornate details like curved legs, winged arms, tufts, and nailheads.

7. Overlooking Smaller Items

To avoid feeling like you’re in a store, leaving adequate room in the budget for lighting, textiles, and accessories after large items are selected is necessary. The small pieces are what add personality to the living room. On top of that, floor lamps and table lamps are best for living rooms too.

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8. Clutter

Too many accessories can be considered décor overkill. For a less is more vibe, accessories should be grouped together to create a pleasing vignette, whether it’s on the cocktail table, buffet, or bookcase.

9. Not Mixing Periods and Styles

People usually feel boxed in and limited by the architecture of their home and select furniture based on the home’s architecture and time period. When mixing new and vintage elements, pay attention to furniture heights, as traditional furniture is typically higher than modern pieces.

10. Buying a Rug That’s Too Small

One of the main offenders in living room decorating is the poorly sized rug. Huge rugs can be expensive and can feel like such a scary commitment, but according to the stylist, it’s one of the most important aspects of a room.

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