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Malaysia Home Deco : Different Grout Color Can Makes Your Tiles Feels and Look Different

When choosing the color of your grout and tiles, it can either make or break the look of your entire space. Grout color can create an outstanding effect or visually blend away. To help you choose the right grout color for your tile scheme, here are some favorite looks you might want to consider.

1. White Tile with White Grout

The ever-popular combo that may seem boring is in reality classic, timeless, and it gives any room a clean and trendy look. Subway tile is the most popular option among the white tile category. This has been the go-to tiles for all DIY home renovations (even for Starbucks locations) for a good reason. White tiles and white grout is simple, classic, affordable, and will never go out of style.

However, you need to clean it every now and then when your white grout gets dirty. Because it will. A light color tile like this is a great option for people with smaller kitchens or bathrooms as it will make them appear visually larger.

When a white tile is paired with white grout, the lines between them will disappear and it blends to give a uniform aesthetic. When entering into a room with white tiles and grout, the first thing you see if everything else except the tiles as they don’t draw attention like other tiles and grout.

This is a perfect option when you do not want your tile to be a stand-out feature in your renovations. This option usually works best with modern contemporary spaces that have dramatic design flair somewhere else in the space that has to be the main object.

2. White Tile with Black Grout

What happens when we mix it up and put some black grout in between those white tiles? Doing this to your tile will accentuate the grout which in turn makes the entire kitchen appear busier and less calming, but it does give it that vintage industrial look if that is what you are going for.

When you use dark grout, the grout becomes the focus of the tile as it contrasts the white tiles. The patterns of the tile start to create a bolder aesthetic for your renovation. Your tiles can be in any form of shapes such as rectangle, triangle, or hexagon.

Even with a simple subway tile pattern, going dark with your grout will add contrast and make the tile pop out instantly. Once you add contrast between the grout and tile, the actual shape of your tile is exposed and the grout itself forms a pattern.  Naturally, the tile and grout contrast is better suited when black and white are the dominant hues.

3. Black Tile with Black Grout

Now, let’s talk about black tile. Black titles are a hit in the 90s and in the right modern space, it has always been classic. Today, different versions of black titles in various finishes are starting to come back and we are into it.

One of my favorite things about this particular combination is that way the tile and grout combined together in the same color and sheen makes the whole thing a fascinating new texture, rather than just a wall of tile. The texture it creates is so captivating, and you don’t have to worry as much about scrubbing all those grout lines because they won’t show dirt as the white grout does.

4. Black Tile with White Grout

Now, when you combine a black tile and a white grout, you are going to see that visually things start looking a bit busier and you do make out the shapes of the tiles more so than you would if it was all tonal.

So, what is your favorite combo? Do you love the monochromatic of the white on white and black on black or do you think you could get behind mixing in some other colored grout with your black or white tiles? Comment on the session below and tell us your favorite combo.

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