Malaysia Home Deco : 5 Better Ways to Decorate Your Windows – Dress Your Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then think of window treatments as the hairstyle, the make-up, or the jewelry. While most people choose to decorate their windows with traditional curtains, blinds, or fabric valances, others emphasize creativity and functionality.

Finding the perfect covering with the one that blocks the sun, ensures a degree of privacy, and matches existing décor can be tricky.

1. Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass adds a pop of color to any room. It filters light in a lovely and unique way when used as a window treatment. Create your own custom stained-glass panel that requires just a piece of glass, some lead adhesive strips, and glass paint.

2. Hanging Herb Garden

Brighten up your plain kitchen window blind by hanging herb garden as a backdrop for an indoor garden that doubles as a beautiful yet practical window treatment. Display greenery as well as flowers in the pots instead of a burst of color, otherwise.

3. Wood Vertical Blinds

An old heat-treated pallet can be made useful indoors when salvaged and hung as a one-of-a-kind window blind. Attach the pallet boards to curtain rings through a drilled hole to slide the slats closed at night and open during the day. This could be a fun DIY project, too, if you’re up for the woodworking challenge.

4. Matching Wallpaper

Match your wallpaper and curtains for a fully enveloped aesthetic. The vibrant and warm tones of the printed wallpaper and fabric curtains make everything feel cozy. The contemporary rug and casual side table and etagere also help ground the more traditional and formal elements of the room.

5. Plantation Style

Plantation shutters are more relaxed and more affordable than solid wood shutters. They’re incredibly versatile and will sit there happily in a traditional scheme, a country scheme, a coastal scheme or, as their name suggests, a colonial-style scheme. Unlike panel shutters, they can let in light when closed thanks to their slatted design. Plus, you can choose between half shutters or full-height shutters depending on what you need them for.

Other Types of Windows Dressings

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