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Malaysia Home and Living: Here’s How To Conquer the Clutter Before The New Year Arrives

Whether it’s committing to a healthier lifestyle or unplugging from all devices, with the New Year approaching in less than a month, getting organized rises to the priority of everyone’s list. Conquering the clutter in your home can increase your productivity, efficiency, stay focused, and save time. Being organized can also create serenity and harmony in your life as well as reduce stress.

Kicking off the New Year with a completely fresh nest can make us feel extremely good. Scientifically speaking, the desire to maintain a tidy home can actually make you healthier and happier. A study discovered that women who described their homes as “cluttered” were more likely to be fatigued, depressed, and stressed.

If you have decided to follow the KonMari lifestyle, successfully following through your tidy new habits requires specificity and clear action. If you commit to taking the stairs instead of the elevator every morning or drinking a smoothie every day, you will begin to feel changes in your life. Also, consider challenging yourself to start with simple tasks, such as recycling junk mail as soon as you get home and doing laundry every weekend.

First and foremost, the key to being organized is having a designated place for everything. If you don’t have designated places, the end result is clutter. Thus, devoting one to two hours to clearing this clutter will provide you with so much peace of mind when entering into a New Year.

1. Take Control of Sales Receipts

Do you have numerous sales receipts lying around and you can’t seem to find the one you need? Start by creating a simple sales receipt box to save time and reduce stress.

Add to the box a set of alphabetical index tabs from A to Z and put the receipts behind the corresponding letter. For example, a Jaya Grocer receipt would be placed behind the letter “J.”

2. Find a Temporary Home for Unknown Pieces

We often find a screw or who knows what that we were hesitant to throw out because we don’t know what it belongs to and where did it come from. To create a home for this collection, label a box for the “Spare Parts & Unknown Pieces.” Then toss an unknown piece into this box until you can determine whether you need it or not.

You can also label a box as “Spare Parts”. For example, a vacuum cleaner usually comes with a spare belt. Before tossing it in the box, label the belt indicating which vacuum cleaner it belongs to.

3. Clean Up Unused Cords, Phones, and Chargers

Everyone has plenty of cords, cables, cell phones and chargers that aren’t in use but are kept as spares. Label a box as “Electronics” and toss in every-day extension cords, but before tossing, coil the cord and place it in a zip-top storage bag individually.

4. Organize Your Giveaway

Every household needs a box for items you wish to give away or donate. Each time you come across an item you don’t need or want, toss it into the giveaway box. If you receive a gift from someone that you know you’ll never use, put it in this box too. Be sure to label the box or bag as “Giveaway” so all anyone can freely contribute items. When the box is full, donate it to friends, family, or a charity.

5. Ready To Returns

Label a basket or box for items you need to return. When you have an item to return, such as a store return, library book, or borrowed item from a family member or friend, toss it in the basket or box.

6. Keep Manuals & Warranties

When the holidays are over you may find yourself buried in manuals and warranties from new items. Keeping these organized and easily accessible can save you a substantial amount of money if you can take advantage of the warranty in the future.

Consider photocopying the receipt as most receipts are on thermal paper which can easily fade. Next, set aside 5 letter size boxes. Label each box with one of the categories: Appliances (small & large), Electronics, Furniture & Decor, Toys, and Miscellaneous.

Do you have any effective New Year declutter tips? Share the number one thing that has worked for you in the comments session below.

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