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Malaysia Home and Living: 10 Guidelines on How to Perfectly Combine Home Accessories

The right accessory completes any room’s look while adding style and finesse to your space.

It’s remarkable how small decorative items can really make a huge impact in any room. Interior designers know the effect that rugs, lighting, throw pillows, art, and other home accessories can have in a space and adding the right accessory can complete a room’s look while adding style and finesse to the space.

Fortunately, decorative items are the most inexpensive way to add a new look to a room. Yet, if a decorator is not careful, these items can quickly overtake the home and become a disaster. These guidelines for choosing, combining, and decorating with accessories can help you pull together your room like a professional and avoid the common mistakes many homeowners make with their decor.

1. Throw a Book at It

Don’t underestimate the power of a good book especially when it comes to decorating your room space. You can stack them horizontally to add height or set them vertically to create borders. You can also use a colorful jacket cover facing out as artwork.

2. The Right Proportions

Choose home accessories that match the scale of the rest of your room. A tiny piece of art on a large wall makes the art look smaller. Don’t forget to keep its proportions in check with the just-right-sized art painting and an area rug that defines the entire seating area.

3. Stick With One Finish

Keep it simple and sleek. Select one metallic or color palette you love and group a variety of accessories in that finish for an extraordinary display. Don’t forget to use different shapes and sizes of a statue, vase, or candlesticks to maximize the visual interest.

4. Layer It

Whether you are decorating the space with flowers, artworks, photos, or candlesticks, make sure you layer the elements to create depth. Add in small lamps, mirrors, or metallic items throughout the display for a touch of glam.

5. Choose a Color Scheme

The key to making an assortment of accessories blends together is none other than color. A faux pillow and blanket, a modern painting, and graphic fabrics can bring liveliness and vibrancy to a girl’s bedroom. An analogous color palette of pink, purple, and orange unite the different elements inside the room.

6. Symmetry in Tones

Add warm accessories to a cool-toned room or vice versa. To further reflect the styling, wooden horse statues balance out the cool green eucalyptus branches.

7. Mix It Up

Use a variety of forms, textures, and finishes when inserting and arranging accessories. Smooth wood, woven ottomans, and knitted pillows can be used in the living room to create an intriguing, textural display.

8. Fashion the Framework

Trays are a useful setting and a smart way to team up accessories since they encompass a defined area. Stick with the same combining rules by varying heights, shapes, and colors to create an interesting vignette.

9. Power in Numbers

Whether you’ve been accumulating for years or inherited a collection, gathering your favorite pieces together in one place can create an instant wow-worthy display.

10. All in the Groupings

Group similar items for maximum impact. Each collection, from the woven baskets and pretty pottery to the glass orbs and decorative books, gets its own designated spot on the shelves. A cohesive look is achieved through the simple color scheme of turquoise, brown and black.

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