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Malaysia Decoration: The Millennial Pink is Everywhere Now!

You have probably heard of The Millennial Pink and it is going bananas all over the place. If you want to discover how millennial pink can rock your house, you have come to the right place.

From fashion to interior designs, millennial pink is everywhere. It was first popped up in the fashion industry and the cosmetics realm. Slowly, the trend has found its way into décor.

The pink color is associated with femininity and many believe that this stereotyping is just one big marketing gimmick to trick women into choosing pink color. No matter what color you choose, pink is generally linked with playfulness, romantic, soft, feminine, and cute.

This gorgeous millennial pink can work with an array of interior design styles and colors. Pink goes amazing with colors such as greys, white, creams, and tans. If you are not shy in painting your room pastel pink, it can actually be the new neutral white!

Another best thing about millennial pink is that it works with many other finishes you probably already have at home. Besides that, copper and bronze are two metallic that blends in well with millennial pink. A rose gold table and a pink artwork can be an intelligent choice in curating the entire look of your room. Nonetheless, pink throw pillows and pink rugs are also an option to go for!

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So, let’s explore more below:

1. Pink Walls

2. Pink Sofas

3. Pink Cabinets

4. Pink Sinks

5. Pink Accessories

6. Pink Beds

7. Pink Bathrooms

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