Malaysia Deco: 7 Stylish Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Late-Night Bedtime Stories

Some of us might live in a teeny tiny bedroom that we don’t have an extra room for a study room. Therefore, incorporating pieces that bring you coziness after a long day is our priority. Undeniably, lighting is one of the items that can add dimension and set the right mood to your bedroom.  It is worth spending time choosing the right lighting for late-night bedtime stories and late-night study sessions. Keep reading for 7 stylish bedroom lighting ideas!

1. Crystal Lamp

Crystal lamps can enhance good vibes and self-love. Some of the crystal lamps are handcrafted and made of salt crystal from the geological range of the Himalaya Mountain. They naturally produced negative ions, which help purify the toxic air in our living space and have a calming effect too.

2. Wired LED Lights

These wired LED lights look like twinkle lights that are best for creating a soothing ambiance for the bedroom.

3. Flameless Wax Candles

If you are afraid to light up real candles, this flameless was candle offers the same result but in a safer way. Flameless candles are great for decorative illumination without messy wax or fire hazards. You can turn on or turn off the flame as you wish to create a cozy atmosphere anytime.

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4. Hanging Decors

Paper Lanterns will make your room put-together without taking up any useable space. 

5. Table Lamp

Elevate your bedroom with a sleek, modern copper lamp. Choose a lamp with a flexible arm and can direct the light to exactly where you need it.

6. Luna Lamp

When was the last time you looked up at the sky and stare at the moon? Now, you can transform your room into a magical world with this luna lamp. It is fun and comforting as it emits a soft, warm glow controlled by a remote control. You can also swap bulbs to emit different colors. Let Luna illuminate your space and your mind.

7. Antique Brass Arc Lamp

Illuminate your space in simply-chic mid-century modern style with this antique brass lamp. Tasteful yet understated, no other home accessory that can both brightens up a room and making it cozier!

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