Malaysia Deco: 5 Tips to Get Your Shelves Insta-Ready

Shelf styling is a great way to express your personality and enhance the interior of your space. It is a great opportunity to meld storage with style. You can transform your ordinary shelves arrangement into something more aesthetic and get them insta-ready with these simple tips.

1. Mixing up the arrangement of the books

Arrange your book by mixing vertical rows with horizontal stacks and leave some rooms on the shelves for other accessories. Align some stacks of the books to the left, right or center of a shelf. You can remove any book cover that looks worn to create a classic look. just make sure that quality is over quantity.

2. Introduce eye-catching objects

Add in some decorative objects such as vases, candlesticks or sculpture to the shelf to live up the shelf. These objects you add-in can also function as bookends. Group some of the objects with similar colors or materials together to create a cohesive arrangement and leave some items to stand alone.

3. Layer in artworks or photo collage

Consider placing some artworks toward the back of the shelves and add small decorative items in front to add depth and create interest. Play around with the items and be creative. Smaller objects can also be placed atop of book stacks or fill in an empty spot.

4. Employ decorative boxes or baskets

Hide and organize smaller and utilitarian items with boxes or baskets to add texture and order to your shelf.

5. Add in greenery

Bring in a pop of life and nature by placing some houseplants on the shelf. Indoor plants can help to improve your indoor air quality and reduce stress. You can also consider artificial plants, coral or driftwood to create the same visual impact on your shelf if you are don’t have a green thumb.

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