Malaysia Deco: 5 Modern Decorative Fruit Bowls for a Stylish Look

No tableware set is complete without a modern fruit bowl. They are a fun way to enhance a little extra personality to your dining table. They are also one of the most universally useful kitchen accessories you can give as a gift to your friend.

If you are looking for something extra unique with an unusual twist, we hope that you will have fun explore these 5 modern decorative fruit bowls that are perfect for your kitchen or dining room. Not to mention, they can also be your snack bowls and breadbaskets too!

1. Flexible and Safe for Children

Like a splash of bright paint, this fun fruit bowl adds colors and energy to your tabletop.  They are made of flexible silicone with a smooth shiny inside and a mat cool outside that is safe to leave out around children.

This fun fruit bowl introduces a new colorful bowl shaped like a splash of paint frozen in time and are used to hold fruits and bread. You can also use it in a new funky way to hold keys or coins as you wish. This is indeed an intriguing alternative to conventional thinking.

2. Rotation Fruit Bowl

This adjustable fruit bowl opens to 15″ in diameter and folds up for easy storage when you don’t need it. They are useful for those who have small kitchen storage. The open design enables your fruit or veggies to breathe better and will ensure they last longer and stay fresher. This rotation fruit bowl is suitable for large families.

It can also act as a centerpiece of focal point for the countertop that adds a pop of color and extend your decor.

3. Concrete Fruit Bowl

This sturdy concrete fruit bowl provides the perfect final touch for your industrial decor theme. It also works well for serving salads or meals. It is perfect for a multipurpose functional bowl.

4. Animal-shaped Fruit Bowl

Here are some sweet and stylish animal versions of fruit bowls. The collection comes with various animals such as whales, hens, rabbits and pigs star in Fantastico Domestico collection of white metal fruit baskets.

An imaginary domestic zoo for a table setting that hovers between reality and fantasy. It helps to bring out the fresh tones of the fruits you put inside it.

5. Mesh Bowl

This award-winning mesh bowl flaunts a fluid profile yet maintains the rigidity and structure of its steel construction. This eye-catching bowl is ideal for serving and storing fruit. It has double-walled mesh design which allows for air circulation and keeping your fruit fresh.

This bowl of bent and lacquered wire is airy and light. It is perfect for large fruits and small snacks such as nuts or as a catch-all bowl.

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