Malaysia Deco: 5 Classic Interior Decor Elements Every Traditional Home Should Have

A traditional home has elements such as classic furniture pieces, classic floral, symmetrical arrangements, muted plaids, and rich color schemes. Here are the 7 classic interior décor elements from the most luxurious collections that every traditional home should have.

What Is Traditional Style Decorating?

A traditional home should have decorations that are orderly, predictable, and calm. There shouldn’t be anything chaotic in a traditional room. Furnishes may feel outdated and classic but pieces are match consistently. Everything is placed symmetrically and in the center of the room. Nothing will be out of place or of a different styles.

Traditional rooms are somewhat casual and are not ostentatious. Modern and eclectic pieces have no room in a traditional space. A traditional style decorating suitable for any age group and is familiar in magazines and furniture showrooms.

1. Molding

Nothing imparts a sense of timelessness like these classic ornamentations. A picture-frame molding or an intricate crown molding on the ceiling displays a more elegant feeling to the entire space.

A traditional home will often feature trim and molding that is painted glossy white. Crown molding is common in traditional luxury homes and it adds to the formal look as well. Ceilings in a traditional house are often painted white and may have simple beams.

2. Gilded Antique Mirrors

Gilded mirrors that leaned against or hung on a wall offer a variation on intricate wall molding. They also add richness and expand the proportions of a room.

Gold gilded mirrors also provide a warm note of elegance and yet the chipper their finish, the better it is. The reflective surface of the mirror help bounces light around the room and can make space look larger than it is.

Decorative mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, be it old or new. When you are lacking a focal point in a room, think about decorating with French gold mirrors which acts as an exquisite piece of jewelry and could be just the finish you are looking for in your room.

3. Traditional Curtains

When it comes to window treatments, it is a matter of color, fabric, length, and lining that make all the differences. Traditional window treatments do not mean old-fashioned style. Furnished with swags, valances, tasseled cords, and decorative trimmings, fabric drapes are a vital part of any classic-style décor.

Displayed in vibrant color, floral pattern, or other classic print, full-length curtains add a brilliant splash of color, texture, and dimension to the space. Hang them in a room with tall ceilings to instantly draw the eye upward for an elongating effect.

4. Crystal Chandeliers

A grand statement-making light fixture sets the tone for traditional formality in an entry or living room. Many vintage-inspired models now come in smaller proportions, for those who have less space to work with.

5. Classic Finishes

It is vital to use the right finish materials to complete the whole picture of the classic decoration. The most beautiful and luxurious finishes materials are gold plated and antique silver.

The color gold is charming and exudes confidence and magnetism. The final result of this procedure is a design that is close to fine jewelry. The color silver has feminine energy related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. It is fluid, emotional, sensitive, mysterious, soothing, calming and purifying. It can also be associated with prestige and wealth.

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