Malaysia Deco: 5 Astounding Ways to Style Your Bed Without Headboard

Headboard is no longer a necessity to elevated the look of a bedroom. Whether you are having budget issues or want to incorporate a platform bed into your room, giving up your headboard is one of the alternative ways to save money and upgrade your bedroom. You can give your bed without headboard a little extra presence with these 5 simple ways. 

1. Wall Stickers / Decals

Wall stickers are a perfect alternative way to create an impact in your bedroom. Whether you are looking for stickers that emulate a headboard or inspirational quotes, there is a huge variety of wall stickers out there in the market. The best thing about using wall stickers is that you can just peel them off when you get bored without damaging the wall and making it an ideal option for renters. 

2. Shelves / Picture Ledges 

Add a shelf above the bed helps create a minimalist and modern style for your bedroom. You can also consider placing a bookcase behind your bed to create a frame for your bed. This provides you a perfect spot to display your favorite collection of artworks and extra storage space. 

3. Tapestries / Wall Hanging

Mounting a tapestry or wall hanging to the wall above your bed is another way to replace a headboard. This is one of the most money-saving methods to add texture to your bedroom. You can create any styles you like based on the tapestry or wall hanging your choose. Instead of tapestries, you can consider using a floor rug as well.

4. Paint

Another quick and easy way to define your bed is by painting the wall behind it. Best yet, it doesn’t take up any space at all. You can paint a headboard or create an accent wall behind your bed to bring focus to your bed. Bringing chalkboard paint into your bedroom is a great idea as well. It offers you a wonderful canvas that lets you change your design as often as you want and give you a fun space to leave notes and reminders. 

5. Fairy Lights

Introduces some magic element to your bedroom with fairy lights and let your creativity bloom. Play with the way you hang the fairy lights. You can choose to zig-zag them across behind the bed or create an eccentric outline with them. Just make sure that you choose a LEDs fairy lights as they are more durable and safer as they remain cool to the touch.

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